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Ocean Road Trip! Westport, WA

My daughter and I took a trip to the ocean last weekend.  We both LOVE road trips and exploring. We live in Washington and our nearest ocean beaches are 90 miles away.  We have a choice of Westport or Ocean Shores.  We both prefer Westport because there's less crowds, a lighthouse, quaint little shops, and… Continue reading Ocean Road Trip! Westport, WA

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Writing Prompt: When You Love Yourself First, Everything Else Falls Into Place

I invite you to write about this subject on your site, then share the link to that writing in the comments below on this page. This will help bring traffic to your site and a nice collection of thoughts and ideas on the subject. If you do share the link in the comments below, I… Continue reading Writing Prompt: When You Love Yourself First, Everything Else Falls Into Place

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Self Love Breaks The Cycle Of Abuse

I've recently had something blow up in my face that at first felt traumatic.  But within the next couple of days, it made me see why I've had toxic relationships in my life and therefore will help me to stop the cycle. Without going into too much detail, the thing that happened was that my… Continue reading Self Love Breaks The Cycle Of Abuse

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Love Yourself First

I met someone about a year ago. Felt we had a great spiritual connection from the first date on.  He was very attentive and wore his heart on his sleeve.  We had good times. Felt like a hole in my heart had been filled. But I overlooked red and yellow flags because of the connection… Continue reading Love Yourself First

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Kindness is Badass!

It is so important to be kind to others. Being kind can be acted out in all different types of ways. Maybe, your way of being kind is complimenting people. Another could be listening or giving advice. It could also be talking to a person that is often bullied or unliked by others. It's making… Continue reading Kindness is Badass!