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Dating: Listening To Your Gut

Your gut says 'trouble, don't date him' Your mind says 'but he seemed so nice and he's so good looking' You date him He wows you over with his words He is everything you always wanted He paid attention to everything you said And noticed qualities no one has ever noticed He's attentive and pursuing… Continue reading Dating: Listening To Your Gut

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Alcohol Is The Alcoholic’s First Love

He was so good to me when we were together. But eventually, he'd ghost me and I'd break up with him. During the break-up I was confused how he could seem like he loved me so much then turn around and ghost me a few days later. Eventually he'd come back and we'd do it… Continue reading Alcohol Is The Alcoholic’s First Love

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Walk Away From Toxic Situations To Help Humanity

Some of us grew up with examples of staying in toxic situations. Some of us were told we would be lonely if we didn't forgive and keep people in our life, even though they were toxic. Some of us thought toxicity was normal because that is how we were raised and what we experienced. The… Continue reading Walk Away From Toxic Situations To Help Humanity