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Mountain, Lake & Island Art & Thought of the Day

Nature. Peace and tranquility. Freedom. Adventure. This art can be purchased here See my art shop here Warmly, Monica

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Please Share What You Do For Fun and The Effect Fun Has On Your Life.

Here I share a fun experience I had yesterday and the effect it had on me as an opening to reader shares on this subject of having fun. I hope you will join so we can create a resource for anyone looking to improve their life. My Share: I made time for fun this weekend.… Continue reading Please Share What You Do For Fun and The Effect Fun Has On Your Life.

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Ocean Road Trip! Westport, WA

My daughter and I took a trip to the ocean last weekend.  We both LOVE road trips and exploring. We live in Washington and our nearest ocean beaches are 90 miles away.  We have a choice of Westport or Ocean Shores.  We both prefer Westport because there's less crowds, a lighthouse, quaint little shops, and… Continue reading Ocean Road Trip! Westport, WA

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Be Spontaneous

We all have a busy life and we all only have a certain amount of time to keep our lives in order. Sometimes a fun spur of the moment invitation will come up when we planned to clean the house or get the laundry done and we will be tempted to say no because it… Continue reading Be Spontaneous