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Releasing Things That No Longer Serve Us

Hi Friends!

I’ve been away for awhile. For now, I won’t get into why, because I could probably write an entire book about the many things that have went on in my life. But I will say that if you follow me, you’ll find out in bits and pieces as I write posts about some of the things that happened.

Everything I went through has brought me to a new energetic space that I don’t fully understand yet but that’s coming in bits and pieces. I do know that I’m currently releasing things that no longer serve me, so that is what I’m writing about today.

As I release situations and things that no longer serve me, my passions and dreams are coming to the surface and that is the reason I am here today. One of my passions is writing this blog.

During the past few months I entertained a couple situations that I thought might be good ones, all to find out they were things that were not good for me and taking my focus from my life and dreams. They were constant energy drains to the point that I was in scattered survival mode pushing myself to do what I had to do to maintain life, never having a moment to reflect on what was going on.

This seems to be a pattern I go through in life so I think there’s lessons I need to learn, but the thing is, I thought I had learned about these lessons before, all to find myself going through them again. Obviously I still have healing and learning to do. Here are links to some of the lessons I’ve went through in the past, that I went another similar round on:

Your Well Being ALWAYS Comes First

Covid19 Brought The Energy Vampires Out. I Deserve Better.

Using Our Energy Wisely


There are a lot more posts that I wrote on life lessons and I’m sure those posts will be linked in the posts above so I’ll save space here and invite you to check out the other links in those posts.

So back to the subject of this post. Releasing things that no longer serve us. Sometimes we can get caught up in situations and not realize certain things no longer serve us. We can be so caught up in trying to make something work that isn’t going to work that we cannot see the light. Then one day it becomes clear that the situation is affecting our life negatively.

For me, I realized I was much happier and productive before I got into certain situations. I realized one situation I was in was not bringing much good into my life and was actually bringing a lot of drama and confusion. I think I had realized this the entire time, but I was hoping things would get better with time. It did not get better and continued to get worse as time went on. Upon taking some space from the situation, I realized I was not caring for myself in favor of trying to make the situation work, but not getting anything back from the other party involved.

So I walked away and decided to take care of myself. At the time my stress level was through the roof and that is not a good thing during a pandemic. I began getting enough sleep, relaxing, eating better, taking my time instead of rushing. Slowly I started to feel balanced again. After getting my balance back and not having all the drama in my life, dreams have started to resurface to fill in the void. That’s what happens when you release something that no longer serves you. It creates a void that will fill with something better.

I am currently feeling hopeful, happy and healthy, compared to a stressed mess. If you are currently a stressed mess, like I was, I urge you to reflect on why and see if there’s something for you to release that no longer serves you.

I hope you are all well going through this difficult time.



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12 thoughts on “Releasing Things That No Longer Serve Us”

  1. Hi Monica! Glad to hear you are walking away from things that no longer serve you. That is a huge step toward wellbeing. And sometimes we need to re-learn things because our patterns of behavior tend to bring us back to the same mess. It’s all a process and a journey though. Great post!

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  2. I like the way you express how you are releasing what doesn’t serve you, I sometimes get hooked into something, some idea and start running with it and then I have to realize that I was more in love with the notion than the actual whole thing… And letting go of being in love with a notion is something I am trying to do at this point in my life. 👍👍💐

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  3. Hi Monica, nice reading. Hope to get that, you wrote about, for myself… as time goes by. Healing starts day by day, can not change the past, but try to feel better slowly, also just a little, day by day.

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    1. Sometimes we aren’t ready to release things that no longer serve us and that’s ok. It took me a long time to get to that point on a certain situation. You’ll know when you know. Don’t push yourself. Thank-you for stopping by!


  4. Hi Monica…Ah! If only we could learn the lessons the first time through!! I know this phenomenon well; you suddenly find yourself smack dab in the middle of something you thought you already healed. I have learned to take it easy on myself because if I beat myself up over having to go through it again…
    you get the idea!
    Good luck…keep healing!

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