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God’s Will, Not Mine

Good morning everyone! This morning I am sharing a reply I made this morning to a comment on my post Hard Times Draw Us Closer To God, which I wrote Feb. 19, 2019, over a year and a half ago. The post describes pretty much everything I'm sharing here, but the funny thing is, that things… Continue reading God’s Will, Not Mine

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Breaking Circumstantial Depression

What is circumstantial depression?  It's depression resulting from circumstances that have happened to you.  This post is about that kind of depression. We all have highs and lows in life. For a while our life can seem nice and easy - everything is going just right, then bam, something extremely difficult happens - we, or… Continue reading Breaking Circumstantial Depression

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Tough Times Always Pass

I've found the tough times always pass, no matter how horrible it may seem at the time.  Many times a certain situation changed due to changing my perspective on it.  Many times a certain situation changed by focusing on what was happening NOW, rather than the problem. Many times a certain situation changed because I… Continue reading Tough Times Always Pass

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On Having Faith / How Has Having Faith Changed Your Life For The Better?

This has been a bumpy ride for me, but I'm working on my faith every day. I've had to make some big changes in the past couple months.  Changes I did not want to have to make. I had invested a lot of time and effort all to feel backed into a corner in making… Continue reading On Having Faith / How Has Having Faith Changed Your Life For The Better?

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Love Yourself First

I met someone about a year ago. Felt we had a great spiritual connection from the first date on.  He was very attentive and wore his heart on his sleeve.  We had good times. Felt like a hole in my heart had been filled. But I overlooked red and yellow flags because of the connection… Continue reading Love Yourself First

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My Law of Attraction Story

I have an awesome story for you about my latest law of attraction experience. 🙂 When I first heard about the law of attraction, I am a very open minded person, so I found the concept really interesting and wondered if it was real. I started with listening to different videos and reading books about… Continue reading My Law of Attraction Story

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Letting Things Be

Sometimes there's situations in life we'd like to resolve, but it seems any action taken would just make things worse.  The reason it makes things worse is because we are trying to control things and get the outcome we want.  We really don't have control of any outcome...


Self Empowerment Tarot Reading

Hi! This is the first reading I have decided to do. I wanted this to be a quick reading about general advice from God in regards to your self empowerment journey. I prayed to be a clear channel before doing this reading. I have the decks I used towards the bottom of this blog and… Continue reading Self Empowerment Tarot Reading