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For Singles Struggling With Being Alone.

Let’s be grateful for having time to pursue our interests and the ability to do whatever we want to do without having to think about another person.  We get to be selfish.

This is a season in our life and it won’t last forever (if we don’t want it to) so we better enjoy it while it’s here. Someday we might have a partner and we may miss all the time we had to ourselves.

This season is meant to make us strong in who we are so we can have healthy relationships in the future. Not only make us strong in who we are, but more interesting and attractive because we have a developed and interesting life when we use our time to pursue and/or enjoy our interests.

It teaches us to be responsible for our own happiness. 

If we are waiting for a relationship to make us happy, when we get into a relationship, we may put too much pressure on the other person because we rely too heavily on them for our happiness, rather than being responsible for our own happiness.

Being single right now is preparing us for a healthy happy relationship in the future if we use this time wisely and develop ourselves, rather than wallowing that we are single.

Who knows?  After living your single life like this, you may just decide you don’t want a relationship anymore and there is nothing wrong with that.

I’ve been up and down with this, but lately I’m loving my single life.  There are times I get caught up in my feelings of being alone but those times are fewer and far between.  I realized lately that Facebook contributed a lot to me feeling this way.  Seeing my friends enjoying their significant other made me feel like I was missing out on something.  Come to find out, that’s a thing – FOMO – Fear of missing out – but that’s another article.  For the most part I stopped using Facebook about 6 months ago and it has helped me.  I not only have a lot more time, but I’m not bombarded with ads, people’s fighting over government, horrific news stories, all the football posts and of course all the happy couples (which I am happy for, but when you want that and it doesn’t ever seem to come, it’s a definite downer).  I feel much calmer and my energy has been cleared to focus on the things that matter to me.  I’m not constantly in the energy of yearning for a relationship and I’m more in the energy of – what do I want to explore next?  What can I do to improve my life? What can I do to treat myself well?

I hope this helps you realize that being single is not a bad thing and that you can have an amazing fun life, even when not in a relationship.

I’d love to hear your comments below.

~ Monica

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18 thoughts on “For Singles Struggling With Being Alone.”

  1. Just love this so much!! Being single is for me actually a huge blessing, just like you have mentioned it gives us time to improve ourselves, collect knowledge, learn about different things, experience anything that we want without having to bother about the feelings of a significant other. It is the time we start to love ourselves more and treat ourselves much better than we have ever done before. And yes sometimes being single is so addictive, the freedom and peace we experience while being single is just amazing that I have even wondered several times whether I want another relationship in my life at all! 😃
    Such a nice and uplifting article!
    Thanks for the share!!
    Have a wonderful day 💕

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  2. i agree with FOMO because that is an issue i have struggled with when i left facebook the first time, then i had to rejoin because of the games i played for recovery, and now i deactiaved it agian – it is awful, it causes my anxiety – even research shows that too. so i went to the preschool open house – they need us on FB for photos and contact if we will be late etc. so i made a new one JUST for that purpose, and only added less than 20 people (immedate famiy and family friends) i will not allow it to broadened, if people get butthurt and dont understand when they ask me about it – then they do not respect my wishes. because its only for john’s photos and family to see him. easier than texting everyone the same photos.
    social media is just awful. its so easy to compare themselves with other people while facebook is just a cover of what they are reallyi going through or just reading horrific things like trump and all that crap.
    facebook is a awful way to “keep in touch”

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    1. I totally agree. For a long time I’d get sort of depressed on the weekends feeling like everyone else was with their partner having a great time and I was at home by myself. I never understood why I felt that way til I read about FOMO and it clicked – Back then I was always on Facebook seeing everyone’s pictures of going out and having a good time. Not to mention the huge time suck it was. I am much better off without it. For even more reasons than this. Glad you’ve found some peace too and created the account for John’s pictures and family. That’s a great way to manage it.

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  3. I totally get this! I have FOMO even as a non-single person. I think it could be because there’s so many other people starting their adult life who are hanging out with friends and having a presence on social media, but for others its difficult to meet people when you work full time or move to a new place. Glad to see other people experience these emotions as well and it’s not something we should let hold us back.

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