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Blogging Tip That May Help You Write More Posts

For me, I have a set time to be in my office on the computer.  During this time I may get some writing done and I may not. Once I'm out of my office, I'm done with writing because I'm away from my computer. It's rare that I go back into my office later that… Continue reading Blogging Tip That May Help You Write More Posts


Self Empowerment Tarot Reading

Hi! This is the first reading I have decided to do. I wanted this to be a quick reading about general advice from God in regards to your self empowerment journey. I prayed to be a clear channel before doing this reading. I have the decks I used towards the bottom of this blog and… Continue reading Self Empowerment Tarot Reading

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More About Shauna

Hello 🙂 I am so excited to start this blog with my mom! I really want to be able to connect with readers-- so I'd love to share a little about myself. I am 26 years old. I have a rabbit named Leo who is absolutely adorable and a little brat, all in one. He… Continue reading More About Shauna