art, Signs and Symbols

Colorful Crab Art and Crab Symbolism

Crab symbolism: Defensiveness, Resilience, Adaptability, Resourcefulness, Self-Reliance, Change and Growth, A Journey This art can be purchased as prints on canvas, cups, totes, pillows, blankets, puzzles, greeting cards and more here Warmly, Monica

art, Signs and Symbols

Whimsical Owl Painting & Symbology

This art was created with the intention to bring its' symbolism into the life of whomever owns it. Owls symbolize truth, honesty, wisdom, courage, protection, clarity and independence. The color green is associated with money and abundance, harmony, creativity, new beginnings, safety, security, growth, healing, innovativeness, peace and stability. The painting also has a sense… Continue reading Whimsical Owl Painting & Symbology

Dating and Relationships

Lifestyle Incompatibility – Don’t Settle

I have energy today! For the past few months I have felt like something was zapping my energy on a daily basis. In hindsight, I now know what it was. I thought I was enjoying time with him. The reality is that I enjoyed feeling like I had a partner and not being by myself.… Continue reading Lifestyle Incompatibility – Don’t Settle

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More About Shauna

Hello 🙂 I am so excited to start this blog with my mom! I really want to be able to connect with readers-- so I'd love to share a little about myself. I am 26 years old. I have a rabbit named Leo who is absolutely adorable and a little brat, all in one. He… Continue reading More About Shauna