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Writing Prompt: When You Love Yourself First, Everything Else Falls Into Place

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I’ve included my thoughts on the subject below:

This Lucille Ball quote is not talking about loving yourself in a conceited or selfish kind of way.

It is talking about loving yourself enough to walk away from people and situations that don’t serve you and to focus on loving yourself.

It is putting yourself first, rather than putting others first. Many of us will and have put other’s needs and wants before our own, or let someone disrespect us. Sometimes we should put someone else’s needs before our own, like when our new baby needs to be fed, but we need sleep. But there may be people in our life that don’t care what our needs are.  We may have showed them that their needs come before us. We might have been trying to earn their love and approval.

Sometimes certain people are just takers, and the takers are attracted to the givers for their own selfish reasons. If we are a giver type, we need to train ourselves to think about and act on our own needs first and know that we are just as important as the taker.

When we do this, we ‘train’ people to respect and treat us better. They will not try to take advantage of us because they know we won’t have it.  They may disappear from our life, and sometimes that hurts, but it’s better than a lifetime of hurt, feeling like they really don’t love us, or even worse, losing yourself to them.

When we love ourselves first, our energy becomes our own, rather than being scattered all over the place. When this happens, our life begins to blossom. We find what we like to do, who we like to spend time with, we manage our life better, become more organized and efficient, take better care of ourselves, become more confident, work at our goals, get our ducks in a row. We become a happy and healthy person and attract other happy healthy people.

When we put other’s needs and desires first, we become a shell of a person (empty). We give our energy to them so we don’t have energy to develop ourselves and be happy and whole. If that is repeated, such as staying in a one-way relationship, we can end up isolated and serving that one person. We don’t know what we like to do. We’ve let someone else control our life. This can affect family members and friends that love us. They see it. They wonder what it would be like if you would have put yourself first and were whole and healthy.  They wish they knew this side of you.

Wouldn’t it be much better to be a whole person?

~ Monica


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