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It’s Okay To Walk Away From Selfish Abusive People

We gave up parts of our life for them, time and again

All to find out it was only their needs that mattered

They’d take as much as we’d give, even asking for more

And it wasn’t appreciated

They would not help us in our time of need

It was others that helped us

Those that we gave up part of ourselves for

may have even abused us physically or mentally

It is a vicious dysfunctional cycle

We have to stop trying to gain their love and approval

At the expense of ourselves

We HAVE to place ourselves first

Or there will be no us

There are people that we love that really love us

And need our love and support

How can we love those that really care if we do not love ourselves first

and set boundaries or remove ourselves from these toxic situations

with those that we love but only love themselves?

If we continue, they will take until our soul is gone

causing pain and anguish that will cause physical and/or mental illness.

We won’t know who we are anymore

We will be a shell serving selfish abusive people

Serving these people helps no one

It only enables them to keep doing what they’ve been doing

Taking advantage of us to meet their own needs they won’t take responsibility for

Be there for the ones that truly care for and love you

Including yourself

It is okay to love and care for yourself

We have to if we want to be there for those that really care about us

We have to if we want a fulfilling and happy life

14 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Walk Away From Selfish Abusive People”

  1. Perfectly said. Another great writing my friend. Self love is very important. Walking away from toxic people is equally important. It’s not our fault if someone chooses to mistreat us, it’s not our problem is they disrespect us. Healthy minded people don’t go around ruining the lives of others. Problem is with them. I totally agree with you that its our responsibility and duty to protect ourselves from such toxic people, for ourselves and for people who truly love us.

    Have a wonderful weekend ♥️

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    1. Thank-you for your comments Vihani. I agree with everything you say. The past couple of years have been full of difficult lessons about self love and toxic people. Things I thought I knew, but didn’t know well-enough. I figured out that I keep having cycles of toxicity in my life because of emotional abuse in my childhood that taught me I was not worthy. So I’m now on a journey of trying to teach myself that I am worthy of love and being treated well. I have come a long way and now that I understand why I’ve allowed the toxicity I know I can begin to truly heal all of this and get to the point of having healthy relationships and a healthy life. I appreciate your comments and friendship!! ❤

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      1. I am so glad to see those words coming from you my friend. The lessons you have learned and the way you are growing is so important and lovely. Your writings remind me about a lot of important lessons that I should live with, to have better and healthy relationships in life. I really enjoy reading them. Keep up the good work in your wonderful blog and thanks a lot for you lessons! You are an inspiration! Much love ♥️ Xx

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  2. Exactly what I needed to hear today 🙂 I blocked a toxic person from my life yesterday and I feel a bit shaken up. Thank you for reminding me that as I step into the new year, I can leave people behind.

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      1. Thank you for your kind words. It’s difficult but needs to be done. It is difficult to let go completely of people who are toxic or abusive. Blocking them feels like a final step. After a few days, I actually feel like a weight has lifted off of me.

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