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Home Organization Inspiration: What is Your Favorite Tip? Mine is 10 Minutes Per Day

I have included my favorite home organization tip below, but thought it would be more inspiring and motivating to get a variety of tips from readers. Please tell us about your favorite home organization tip in the comments below.

My Favorite Home Organization Tip: 10 Minutes Per Day

When I have neglected to stay on top of keeping the clutter down, I’ll pick one area to work on that is bothering me the most.  Then I pick a time of day that I will set my timer on my phone for 10 minutes.  During the 10 minutes, I take an empty box and put everything in the cluttered area in it.  I clean the surface of the area, put on a fresh doily or other covering if needed.  Then I tackle what I put in the box, making 3 piles, one for trash, one for giveaway/sell and one to stay in the area.  When considering the items to stay in that area, I ask myself if it’s something that I love or use – if it’s not, it goes to one of the other piles.

This process may take more than 10 minutes.  Many times I’ll continue until the job is done, which usually doesn’t take a lot longer than 10 minutes because I choose small areas.  Sometimes, because I have a lot going on that day, I’ll stop and start again the next day.  It’s better to choose small areas so they can be completed in the 10 minutes.

The great thing about this is that it’s easily accomplished and I get the result of a nice clean and tidy area, which usually inspires me to continue this little routine on other areas of the house.  Keeping only the things I love and use, frees up space and that space clears my mind.  It’s easier to find things and looks and feels better.  If all the little spaces in my home were pretty and had only the things I love and use, my home would be my beautiful little sanctuary – which is my intention.  Life sometimes throws things at us so it can be challenging to stay on top of this idea, but by putting in effort when we can, we can get closer and maybe even stay on top of it someday.  There are people that can do this and I hope that one day I am one of those people but in the meantime at least I do have the majority of my home in order.  Giving ourselves a beautiful, clutter free home to live in is very self empowering!

Please don’t forget to share your favorite home organization tip below!  Thank-you!


An inspiring book:

  • The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up‘ by Marie Kondo which gives detailed guidance on which items in your house spark joy, and a category-by-category organizing system:
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6 thoughts on “Home Organization Inspiration: What is Your Favorite Tip? Mine is 10 Minutes Per Day”

  1. Great way to do it!
    Im tight on timing so id do dishes after dinner, put away dishes and do dishes while i cook dinner or breakfast, then laundry i would start it before i go to work then home switch fold. Kick johns toys in the cubbies quickly still some clutter but manageable

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  2. Before leaving a room I do a quick check to see what doesn’t belong in the room and take it with me so it goes back where it belongs or in the trash, Also I try to do a nightly reset where the living room is straightened and the kitchen ready for the morning. I must confess though that I don’t always empty the dish drainer at night. So will do that while my coffee is brewing in the morning. Now if I can get my craft room organized and neat I will be happy.

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  3. I have gotten in the habit of doing a quick check to see what doesn’t belong in a room before leaving it. I pick up what doesn’t belong and either take where it does or put it in the trash. I also do a quick nightly reset where I straighten the living room and get the kitchen ready for the next day. I will confess I don’t always put away the clean dishes but will do it in the morning while the coffee is brewing.

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