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Homemade Lilac Salve

Pin to Pinterest with this image so you can refer back to it later Last March, I was laid off from my job for 2.5 months due to the pandemic. During this time I began to get back in touch with my passion for gardening and using herbs and flowers. At first, the reason I… Continue reading Homemade Lilac Salve

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Please Share Your Thoughts And Experiences On Livelihood

Here I share some random thoughts on livelihood as an opening to reader comments on the subject. I wish society was more about teaching people to expand on their gifts and passions, rather than pushing everyone to go for the money. If we were taught from a young age to pursue our gifts and passions,… Continue reading Please Share Your Thoughts And Experiences On Livelihood

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Please Share What You Do For Fun and The Effect Fun Has On Your Life.

Here I share a fun experience I had yesterday and the effect it had on me as an opening to reader shares on this subject of having fun. I hope you will join so we can create a resource for anyone looking to improve their life. My Share: I made time for fun this weekend.… Continue reading Please Share What You Do For Fun and The Effect Fun Has On Your Life.

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Thoughts On Death, Healing and Being Of Service To Others

I have learned that service helps not only others, but yourself.  I have two recent examples. My mom was declining from Cancer and it was her wish to die at home.  I was the only one in the family that was 'strong' enough mentally and physically to be able to help her fulfill her wish. … Continue reading Thoughts On Death, Healing and Being Of Service To Others


A Daily Dose Of Self Love

Sharing a thoughtful post from my daughter’s blog 🙂

Shauna Resinger Blogs

Hello! I have decided to share with you the first message received for those who subscribed to “Daily Insights With Shauna” On Self Love. If you would like to subscribe to get more messages like these, there will be a link below, or check out my previous blog.

​”Certain days of life are meant to be completely on hold. It seems there is not a single drop of success, love, or movement surrounding you. Life’s spark has been lost, and hopelessness is the best way to describe it.

There are so many reasons why our life seems to be out of service. It’s just all happening behind the scenes. Sometimes these days are best spent releasing emotions, balancing our routine, or simply being present in the moment- without all the distractions. It’s actually here for our development and expansion.

What’s most likely to happen during pauses in life…

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Sexy Red Lips Face Mask

Hi everyone. A few days ago I got to thinking that since we all have to wear face masks now, we might as well make it fun. I decided I'd start making nose and lip designs to go on face masks with different looks. This is my first design. I have plenty more ideas I'll… Continue reading Sexy Red Lips Face Mask


The Universe Is Speaking To You

Sharing a lovely message by my daughter Shauna. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Shauna Resinger Blogs

Hi 🙂 I’m so glad you were directed to this blog post today. There’s a reason why you are are here. I am sharing with you something I’ve done for myself for many years. Tarot & oracle card readings. I incorporate these into my daily meditation and often write myself letters from the messages I receive. I truly believe these messages come from the universe and are meant to give me the exact positive words I need to hear. I felt it was my time to share it with the world.

When I choose the cards, I shuffle very quickly and the cards actually fly out of the deck. This is how I know they are meant for me. I have prepared a letter from the Universe, for anyone reading this article today, and I did it exactly how I prepare the readings for myself.

It is my intention that…

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Photos From a Neighborhood Walk

Along my driveway - Daffodils, Dandelion & Bluebells A few flowering plants walking down the road. Not sure what the white one is. The blue is Rosemary, then a couple of dark pink tulips and finally a flowering Oregon Grape. Trees and the beautiful sky The pond is not far behind my house. Many frogs… Continue reading Photos From a Neighborhood Walk

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Face Masks With My Art Printed On Them Available Now!!

I just learned that my print-on-demand art service (Fine Art America) is now offering face masks with art printed on them!! I will include a few of the face masks with my art below. It is a process to get each one of my designs available for the face mask option so please be on… Continue reading Face Masks With My Art Printed On Them Available Now!!


How I Quit Drinking

Another post by my daughter. Thank-you all for supporting her!

Shauna Resinger Blogs

“Drinking helps you relax and you deserve it.”

“Work was so stressful — I need a drink.

“I got the job, I need a drink to celebrate!”

I hear these phrases and so many more on a daily basis. They have become extremely apparent to me after battling my own issues with alcohol. I hate that society conditions us with sentences and thinking like that. Alcohol doesn’t directly correlate to stress relief and it doesn’t always mean fun or celebration.

The first time I ever had a drink was when I was 16. It didn’t really become a huge problem until after I turned 21. At 21, you’re excited to drink. You are simply having fun, and going through a “party phase.” Some take this path of life, and some do not. For myself, it quickly became an escape.

An escape from my own reality and all of the…

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How to stay in your power around abusive and controlling people

My daughter has just started her blog and this is her first post! I’m so excited for her new adventure in blogging. I know she’s going to love it. She’s always been very good at writing. In her school years, multiple teachers advised to to ‘keep on writing’.

We often go through the same life lessons at the same time. I’m not sure if this is because we are close, or the universe wants us to learn together and help each other learn the lessons, or other reasons like family dynamics. This is her take on dealing with toxic abusive people, which I’ve been writing about sporadically since this blog started.

Thank-you for taking the time to read her first article!

~ Monica

Shauna Resinger Blogs

Everyone has toxic people in their life. This is nothing new. There were times in my own life where I did not understand just how much of a mental and emotional drain it was to have certain people around. I’ve begun to understand that the more you love your life and yourself, the more you start to see how awful people treat you and how you just can’t take it anymore. I think the reason for this is because we have finally started to treat ourselves good and so our standards have raised. We now know what it feels like to be treated well and so it’s easier to see who is not treating us so well. Sometimes the toxic people in our lives aren’t just toxic. They are also abusive and controlling. They can be our own family members, friends, parents, lovers. This is where it gets extremely difficult…

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Quick and Easy Candied Walnuts

Years ago, my then-husband and I went to a fancy restaurant.  One of the things I ordered was a salad - I cannot remember everything on the salad, but I do remember the candied walnuts that I loved so much. I wanted to make them at home so looked in a recipe book (this must… Continue reading Quick and Easy Candied Walnuts

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Canned Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie Great For Upset Stomach

Yesterday I had an upset stomach. I've been taking supplements that I don't normally take and I think that is what's doing it along with some stress. It was odd - my stomach was churning but I was hungry. I didn't want to eat something that would upset it more. Then I remembered that the… Continue reading Canned Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie Great For Upset Stomach

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Your Well Being ALWAYS Comes First

In healthy, loving relationships there is mutual care, support, consideration and love. This seems obvious, but sometimes people were raised in dysfunction and have no clue what a healthy relationship is. For most of my life, I've been in this club and only beginning to painfully figure it all out within the past couple of… Continue reading Your Well Being ALWAYS Comes First

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MY EBAY LIQUIDATION SALE – Clothing Makeup Jewelry Rubber Stamps Grab Bag Lg Flat Rate Box Lot Liquidation

**This sale is available to U.S. only since shipping prices and rules differ worldwide. Hey there - As some of you may know I've been an eBay reseller since 1998. This post tells that story, if you'd like to know more. Now, I would like to clear out my eBay inventory so I can use… Continue reading MY EBAY LIQUIDATION SALE – Clothing Makeup Jewelry Rubber Stamps Grab Bag Lg Flat Rate Box Lot Liquidation

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Covid19 Brought The Energy Vampires Out. I Deserve Better.

Two days ago I got a message from a guy I used to date wanting to 'cuddle'. Yesterday I got a message from my ex-boyfriend. I'm not entertaining either one because both men have toxic qualities and are in the past for a reason. I'm trying to heal my childhood issues that led me to… Continue reading Covid19 Brought The Energy Vampires Out. I Deserve Better.

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Bealtaine Cottage, An Inspiration For A Healthier World

Yesterday on Youtube I found a very inspiring woman that lives in Ireland. Sixteen years ago she purchased a large piece of property that was all grassy field. She purchased this property to prove to people what one woman can do to help the earth's health. She was not happy that Ireland was taking down… Continue reading Bealtaine Cottage, An Inspiration For A Healthier World

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Creating a Little Stability in a Time of Instability

The past couple of weeks have been surreal. It's hard to believe what is happening. Each day that goes by I keep thinking the Universe/God/Higher Power has slowed us down and put a stop to the way we've been living because it's been damaging us and our environment. It's crazy that the entire world is… Continue reading Creating a Little Stability in a Time of Instability

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Covid19 Stay-Home and Lifestyle Thoughts

A few years ago I had FOMO (fear of missing out) and didn't know it. I didn't have the money to go to restaurants, bars, vacations, movies. I didn't have a partner to share all these good times with like everyone else seemed to. I'd dread the weekends thinking everyone else was out having the… Continue reading Covid19 Stay-Home and Lifestyle Thoughts

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Follow-Up On Walmart Grocery Pick-Up

On my first post on Walmart Grocery Pick-Up, I left off with not being able to schedule a time due to increased demand so I was going to try back later. I tried back the next morning and was able to schedule the pick-up for 2 days later. The instructions said to get their app… Continue reading Follow-Up On Walmart Grocery Pick-Up


Is Your Attitude RIGHT?: How to Develop a Good (or even a Great) Attitude to Life

I am reblogging this post by Craig Lock because he makes really good points that I completely agree with, and I think these points can be of help while going through the Coronavirus pandemic. I’d like to add that when we can see the good in certain situations and be optimistic, it helps our immune system fight off and even deflect illness. Joe Dispenza has proof of this and if you’re interested, look him up on Youtube or the internet.

Self Help (Personal Growth) Books


Article Title: Is Your Attitude RIGHT?: How to Develop a Good (or even a Great) Attitude to Life

Author: Craig Lock
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Publishing Guidelines:

We hope that the following article (an extract from Craig’s first published book HANDBOOK TO SURVIVE LIFE) may be informative and helpful to your e-zine readers, or on your web site. This article may be freely reproduced electronically or…

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Staying Well Through Coronavirus

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. When I first heard Coronavirus made it to Washington, the state I live in, I made some rules for myself in an effort to keep myself safe and help stop the spread. I would order my groceries online and pick them up. I would order other necessities… Continue reading Staying Well Through Coronavirus

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Walmart Grocery Shopping Online & Pick-Up Experience

One of the things I planned to do in protecting myself from CoronaVirus is to shop online for my groceries and do the pick-up service. This is not something I was open to before because I like looking for deals and picking out my own fresh produce. But I'm trying to stay away from large… Continue reading Walmart Grocery Shopping Online & Pick-Up Experience

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Remember That News Media Gets Paid For High Ratings

I avoid most news media because of the embellishments they tend to make to get high ratings and because it's all mostly bad news.  They spread bad news because it puts people in fear, then they watch the news to see if they can let go of the fear yet, if anything has changed.  Just… Continue reading Remember That News Media Gets Paid For High Ratings

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To Learn Anything New, We Must Apply It Long Enough To Learn It

I remember back in school days in quite a few subjects or classes we'd 'study', have a test and move on. Then there were subjects, such as math, spelling or hand-writing that we practiced all the time and had those classes every year. Then I became an adult and studied my own interests such as… Continue reading To Learn Anything New, We Must Apply It Long Enough To Learn It

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Seeking Advice On How To Get Motivated To Organize and Re-Decorate

The difficult things going on in my life over the past year have taken most of my mental and physical energy to get through so I have not been putting a lot of energy into my home and I'm not liking the state that it's in.  I do keep up with the cleaning - dishes,… Continue reading Seeking Advice On How To Get Motivated To Organize and Re-Decorate

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Worry, Doubt And Fear Is A Program That Leads To Anxiety, Depression and Illness

Living in fear, doubt and worry leads to anxiety, then to depression, then to physical sickness. Being in the present moment and focusing on gratitude, dreams and goals have helped me cure anxiety and depression, and I’ve read living this way has cured mental and physical sickness in others. To imagine living in a world… Continue reading Worry, Doubt And Fear Is A Program That Leads To Anxiety, Depression and Illness


The Gift of Reality Calibration

A very important message here about parenting. I’d like to add that it applies to not just our children but anyone we love and want to ‘rescue’. Thank-you Albert, for your well-written wisdom.

Dream The Written Word

The hardest part of parenting is to step back and allow your children to fail at something. It takes a fortitude that hurts. You want to just reach out and hug them and tell them what to do. All so they don’t feel pain. But, if your children are teenagers, or like my kids in general, telling them what to do is a sure fire way to get them to not do it.

Failing at something, or what I call a Reality Calibration, can be helpful. It can spur focus, determination, or simply more effort.

Reality Calibrations come all the time and aren’t failures per se. They’re reminders. You think you’ve done enough work on a school or work project only to find there’s far more work needed. Usually, at least for me personally, Reality Calibrations strike when I’ve made too many assumptions about something. I may have missed an…

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The Importance Of To-Do Lists

I was reminded of the importance of to-do lists this weekend. I work full time and when the weekend comes around I feel really scattered because there seems to be so much to do.  The scatteredness is not a pleasant feeling - I'll think of a few things I need to do, then start doing… Continue reading The Importance Of To-Do Lists

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I Got An Entire Outfit for $32 At Goodwill

My daughter and I went thrifting last night at Goodwill.  I came home with an entire outfit and a pack of gum for a total of $32 (that includes tax).  The outfit included a pair of Ugg-style boots, a pair of Hue jeggings, a Paper + Tee plaid shirt and a below-the-tush Liz Claiborne warm/thicker… Continue reading I Got An Entire Outfit for $32 At Goodwill

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Using Our Energy Wisely

I've been writing a lot about focus and that's because the past couple of years I've had major life lessons that showed me very directly that if I continued living the way that I was, I'd continue to spiral down in anxiety and depression. I've read about energy healing work in the past but I… Continue reading Using Our Energy Wisely

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Visualizing What We Want Rather Than What We Don’t Want

Most of us are living life on auto-pilot. Going to work, coming home, eating, watching some TV, chores, sleeping and repeating. Just getting by.  Surviving. Much of the time our thoughts are on our problems.  Our debt, health issues, relationship issues, etc. This can cause anxiety and depression. What if we spent our time thinking… Continue reading Visualizing What We Want Rather Than What We Don’t Want

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Unconditional Joy

For most of my life, having a good day or a bad day depended on what was happening in my life. When I weighed myself going up or down one pound was the deciding factor for how I felt that day. (I stopped weighing myself years ago). When I've had a partner and things were… Continue reading Unconditional Joy

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’68 Charger Painting

I am critical of this in many ways, but thought I'd post it for entertainment's sake.  Obviously I'm not a realist artist.  I've self-taught myself over the years and go through phases where I can't paint enough.  I first learned to tole paint from instruction books in my 20's.  That evolved over the years to… Continue reading ’68 Charger Painting

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Playful Pig Painting + Symbolism

I'm really loving choosing my subject and colors to paint from strips of paper in a cup.  Today's subject was Pig with the colors pink, purple and teal.  You'll also see some grey, white and black - I allow myself to use white and black along with the chosen colors, and if I want to… Continue reading Playful Pig Painting + Symbolism

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Dating: Listening To Your Gut

Your gut says 'trouble, don't date him' Your mind says 'but he seemed so nice and he's so good looking' You date him He wows you over with his words He is everything you always wanted He paid attention to everything you said And noticed qualities no one has ever noticed He's attentive and pursuing… Continue reading Dating: Listening To Your Gut

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Colorful Houses Painting w/Notes

I've been painting a lot lately and enjoying it.  It's helping me get through some difficult times.  When I paint, all I think about is painting.  Is there anything you do that gets you through difficult times? Here is today's painting.  I've been admiring the work of Georges Rouault so I imitated his style. Sometimes… Continue reading Colorful Houses Painting w/Notes



This is so well written and to the point. Hoping it will help others as much as it helped me.


The narcissist sociopath chose you because you are brilliant, bright, compassionate and caring.

He chose you because of all the qualities he lacks and expected you would prop up his low self-esteem and fragile ego.

You defeated the monster with your beautiful heart and you became stronger in the process.

So he has to move on to a weaker woman. One that will look past his lies and tolerate his abuse.

Keep your integrity and heart intact. This evil man chose to walk away from you because of your strength and because you saw through his fake personality.

What an amazing testimonial to your potential and spirit. Focus on that and realize that you fell in love with an illusion.

There are far better men in the world who will love and cherish you.

They will not lie and play games with you and blame you for their bad behavior.

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Clematis Impressionism Painting

This is a new painting I completed today of clematis (I think Nelly Moser).  I took a photo of one at a friend's BBQ a few years ago and this is my impression of it. It is 5″ x 7″ and painted on stretched canvas with acrylics. I just listed it as an auction on… Continue reading Clematis Impressionism Painting

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Rose Bouquet Impressionism Painting

This is a new painting I completed today of a rose bouquet.  I took a picture of a rose bouquet my daughter bought me a few years ago and this is my impression of it. It is 5" x 7" and painted on stretched canvas with acrylics. I just listed it as an auction on… Continue reading Rose Bouquet Impressionism Painting

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Elephant Pastel Drawing

I never know if pastel art should be called a drawing or a painting.  Any thoughts? Pastels are fairly new to me and I'm still trying to get the hang of it.  I'm used to painting with acrylics. This is a new piece of oil pastel art I completed today of an elephant. It is… Continue reading Elephant Pastel Drawing

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Personal Pizza Homemade Convenience Ideas

Pizza is one of my favorite foods.  I make it at least once a week. I've been single for a long time so if I make a regular size pizza I will will eat too much. The solution for this was to make a batch of pizza dough and freeze dough balls that will fit… Continue reading Personal Pizza Homemade Convenience Ideas

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Homemade Soft Butter Spread

I am a butter person.  As we all know, butter does not spread well.  I've searched for a soft butter spread at the grocery store for a long time, but they all contain water which makes my toast or popcorn soggy. I remember my grandma always had butter on the counter at room temperature and… Continue reading Homemade Soft Butter Spread

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Breaking Circumstantial Depression

What is circumstantial depression?  It's depression resulting from circumstances that have happened to you.  This post is about that kind of depression. We all have highs and lows in life. For a while our life can seem nice and easy - everything is going just right, then bam, something extremely difficult happens - we, or… Continue reading Breaking Circumstantial Depression

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To All Parents

Please value your child's individuality Please give your child love, acceptance, support and affection Please don't try to make your child into what you want him/her to be Please protect your child from physical and emotional harm from anyone, even family Please help your child feel safe Please support your child's emotions Please help your… Continue reading To All Parents