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Brainstorming With Readers On Quitting A Job to Blog Full-Time

Here I share my thoughts on wanting to quit my job to become a full-time blogger (and other creative ideas) as a start to a brainstorm session, hoping readers will share their thoughts and experience in the comment section so we can all help each other.

For the past couple of months I have been heavily drawn to quitting my job and pursuing blogging and my other creative ideas full time.

I am burned out at the job. I make minimum wage and struggle financially constantly. The job and other things going on in my life are not allowing much time for my creative pursuits. The job is unfulfilling and if I continue, I will not get anywhere. Being 55, my future is worrisome. Retirement age is not too far away and I have nothing. I’m not trying to have a pity party, but instead being honest about the position I am in, which I hope you will too in the comments.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful I have a job during the pandemic knowing many have lost their jobs. My heart goes out to any that are going through rough times. I know many are in a worse position than I am. I am only explaining why I am heavily drawn to quitting the job to pursue blogging and other creative pursuits full-time.

I have been afraid to quit my job thinking I may have a difficult time finding another job if I am not able to make enough money to pay my bills through self employment.

I have a lot of ideas I want to try but have no clue if they will produce enough income to survive. These ideas are my passions and it would be a dream to work on them every day. There’s a book called ‘Do What You Love And The Money Will Follow’. I read it years ago and have followed the advice at certain times in my life, but have always ended up back at a job because I was not able to earn enough money to live. What am I missing?

I have some money saved but barely enough to make it 2 months.

My rational side says to stick with the job and do my ideas on the side but the problem is that things seem to always come up that take priority leaving me very little time to work on my ideas so I never really get anywhere.

I’m frustrated because I just want to take the risk but can’t force myself to do it. I’ve been through rough financial circumstances in the past from taking this kind of risk and told myself never again unless I had a lot of money backing me up.

So for now I guess I will stay frustrated until I have a breakthrough.

Please share your thoughts and experience on this subject. I’m hoping all of our wisdom and ideas can help each other figure out what to do about it.



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52 thoughts on “Brainstorming With Readers On Quitting A Job to Blog Full-Time”

  1. What jumped out at me is yes, it’s a blessing to have a job right now, but it doesn’t sound like it’s enjoyable, and money is still a struggle. So my darling, what do you have to lose by following your heart? Especially since you have a nest egg. A job speaks to our logical side, and it does bring a sense of security, but the money and happiness need to be there. I would take a leap of faith.

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      1. You could always ask yourself if you want to bring this into the New Year. I don’t know how long you’ve been pondering this change. Oh honey…if I waited to get over my fear, I’d never get anything accomplished. I’ve become good at building my wings on the way down to a purposeful landing. xxx

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  2. You absolutely have to be realistic here. Money doesn’t buy happiness – but it’s bloody difficult to be happy without it. How much will you make blogging? I don’t mean ‘how much would you like to make?’ – but how much will you ACTUALLY make? How does that compare to your outgoings?
    Things will always come up that take priority – but it’s up to you to decide your priorities. My concern is that you’ve done something similar in the past, and it hasn’t worked out for you. What have you learnt from those experiences?

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    1. Yes, this is why I haven’t done it. Because before when I tried it I was too financially stressed to be happy. This morning I read a post I wrote when I first got the job and how relieved I was when I knew I was going to have a stable income. Thank-you for your insights.

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      1. Ah…I didn’t realize you have been in this situation before. For me, a job supports us while we build the dream. I have flexible hours working from home, so I set aside time each day to write. It’s a distraction free zone for at least an hour a day. If anything blows up around me, it can wait until the hour is complete. You will find your Zen. xx

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      2. That’s where I’m headed with all this. I usually have an hour or two after work to wind down after work and I’ve been enjoying learning thing on YouTube during this time. Yesterday it came to me that I could use that time on WordPress to either write or connect with the community. Solutions are coming!

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    2. Condivido in pieno questo pensiero soprattutto in un momento così drammatico anche economicamente avere un lavoro sicuro Certamente aiuta moltissimo. Hai 55 anni aspetta di raggiungere la pensione Perché la vecchiaia senza un soldo è davvero molto problematica.

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  3. Raku Pottery is doing what I’d like to do with my art. I have other ideas for ebooks on gardening and even selling cuttings, along with a lot of other ideas. I know making money from ads on the blog doesn’t happen until you have high thousands of subscribers, so I’m not even considering that at barely 600 subs. I have made a very small amount of money from my art products but not enough to live on so it just isn’t rational right now. I know I can handle the social costs since I’m more of an introvert and I’ve been self-employed before and had no problem with it – even preferred it. You’ve given me a lot to think about and I appreciate it. Thank-you ❤


  4. Do you currently make money from the products on your blog? Because that’s going to be your source of income. A better paradigm might be to think of yourself as a business owner, who uses your blog to help advertise your products. For a good example of someone who is successful at this check out I would contact Jay, who runs that site, and ask about the up, downs and difficulties of what you are thinking about.

    Another person I would talk to is PoojaG at She understands the mechanics of blogging and getting seen better than just about anyone. If you want to do this full time you are going to have to massively grow your audience, and she know how to do it. I would also read every article she has about how to grow your blog.

    I would also look at people who are being successful on other platforms, like Pinterest and Instagram, that could be conducive to what you are trying to do. I have a friend who is a full time painter, and does very well by selling her products on Instagram.

    The Internet is a great tool for finding people who are interested in what you are creating, but it’s not an if you build it they will come type scenario. It’s something that would require hours of dillegent work every day. Because I get very easily distracted when I’m on the internet, and it’s not always easy for me to stay on task, I would advise setting a strict schedule for yourself, and sticking to it at all costs.

    Once you’ve assessed the hard work and time investments involved in stepping out on your own, it would also be a good idea to consider the social costs involved in the decision. A job, even if you don’t necessarily like it, provides a certain amount of social framework that you won’t have if you’re starting out on your own. Trying to replace that won’t be easy.

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  5. I have gone through entire post.Be cool and calm,just relax,meditate and discuss with your near and dear ones. I mean to say that take some time to decide and once you take decision dont regret.Please do not mind,this is my oponion.bye for now and best wishes.

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  6. Your face masks are real good!❤️
    I am not a risk taker. I too have some frustrations in my work but am not willing to leave it since I am afraid of losing my job and I have no other source of earning money. So I guess, if you think, you can get by even by quitting your job, that would be fine.

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    1. Thank-you, it’s good to know I’m not the only one feeling this way. I do have other ways of earning money, but not necessarily thrilled with doing those either… like Door Dash. It would be wearing out my car, then stress with car repair. I could houseclean for people or pull weeds, but I’d rather be home blogging and painting. I’ll figure it out. Right now I have to stick with the job because I can’t lose financial stability.

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  7. Looks like you got good advice so far… Not much to add but being artistic and creative myself I know the frustration and even boredom that I experienced in one of my jobs… It was probably the most stable undemanding job I had .. It had pension and medical aid so I stayed mainly because I was supporting my husband through his masters degree. Once I could financially leave I did but not before although I dreamed about it all the time. I am glad I stayed.

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    1. Yes, my creativity feels like it wants to burst out. I have not had any time to do it over the past few months because of work and family things going on. But quitting my job would leave me stressed out so I guess I will try to carve out little time blocks to do it and prioritize it so it can build and maybe one day the dream will come true. It’s nice to know that people relate to the frustration and I’m not the only one. Thank-you for visiting and commenting. 🙂


      1. My pleasure, I remember designing things in my head (I was very into personalized fashion design then) then I would come home and cook and sew up a storm leaving the lounge fully loaded with creativity but my husband was diligently studying spending long evenings on his thesis so our activities dovetailed well. He just wasn’t impressed with the mess I had left for the following day 🤣🙈

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  8. Ok … first a disclaimer – I will be honest with you… and also – I have an emotional side but I am also a realist… so here is my opinion…
    Ok you are 55… you mention you have been through hard times before so you know how hard and panicking that is… at 55 – do you have the energy to keep your head up and struggle through again – because in the current time period there is a lot going on and many changes happening … could you honestly survive both physically and mentally through another possible hard time… that would worry me.
    2 months worth of living expenses will go fast. How confident are you?
    I understand the apprehension and desire
    Here is what I would suggest… or what I would probably do?
    It sounds like you just don’t enjoy that job at all… I don’t know what kind of job you have?
    But sounds like you want different. Can you find a different job? Something you would love?
    There is a saying – if you find a job you love, you never work a day in your life lol ❤️ (because when you love your job – it’s not really like working)
    I like to find jobs with something I feel I need… or would love.
    If you found a different job… it could work better
    Always remember to keep a good balance…
    I just think right now is not the best time to quit a job without something behind it? But I also understand being frustrated and fed up with a job
    I know it’s your dream, and you want it really bad.
    I am cautious – do you have a safety net of any kind? Parents, siblings or anything ? Cause if gets bad… do you have a plan?
    I hate to be like that… I want to tell you chase that dream – live to the fullest – have your best life… cause in my dreamy head that all sounds totally amazing
    But then the realist side that does not like panic, steps in and says oh no, not the way to handle… have back up… I couldn’t do that not being secure. That sends a fear through my heart … I do not have the energy at my age (and I am 48) I am not willing to panic again.
    I would listen to my realist side more than my dreamer side with this. That’s just me though? I like security. I want to be secure and not be worried.
    Wish you the best with whatever you choose

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  9. I know how a job you don’t like can suck the energy and creative juices out of you. It’s a dilemma. The best thing I have found to replenish your inner resources is regular relaxation with meditation. I’m talking every day. It’s a necessity. Try to plug into your source. I have been doing some form of meditation for almost forty years. Check out You might find it helpful.

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  10. While it is tempting to quit your job and go into blogging full time, having a reliable source of income is important.

    You say that doing your job and blog is hard because something always comes up and takes priority, perhaps you can use a schedule to manage your time. If a schedule cannot work you can try the 10 minute rule: I will work on my blog for at least 10 minutes a day.

    Try searching online and reaching out to people who are using blogging as their only or main source of income. These are the best people to talk to and network with. Books by highly successful bloggers are also helpful. Bear in mind that some of these people have success secrets that they don’t reveal but they don’t need to tell you everything, you’ll figure out some things for yourself.

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    1. Such wise advice, thank-you. I figured out how to do WordPress on my phone this weekend so I will use my breaks at work to work on the blog. I’m also going to use any time I can find to schedule posts and just do my best at building the blog and the other things I have in mind. I have been watching a lot of Youtube videos on blogging and it’s so inspiring that I want to do it full-time so much! But I have to have a reliable income to keep a roof over my head, so for the time being, that’s all I can do is squeeze it in where I can. I am taking your advice to schedule. 🙂

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  11. Great article. 🙏🙏🙏
    I would suggest that you write out a business plan for how you will replace that income. If it produces the same or more income than you currently make then replace you job with that.
    That being said , there is no reason you can not do both. Until you figure out a way to make the blog a full time thing.
    The art work is a great idea and that will help you make some $ and lead to other creative endeavour.🙏🙏

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    1. Hi – That is a great idea to write out a business plan. The thing is that I have multiple ideas in the works that I think could bring in more income as I work at them, but it’s not going to happen immediately and will obviously take longer if I am working the job. But it looks like that is what I will have to do because the income just isn’t there yet. It still would be worthwhile to write out a plan though, so I have an idea of what to expect and what to put my time into. I think I’m being impatient at this point wanting everything to happen right now but it’s not realistic. Thank-you so much for your support. 🙂

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  12. heck no! it’s never worth it. Stay in your job, look at the floor when you walk, keep drinking the crappy coffee you get, some dont get even that! 2 months worth of nest egg isn’t a nest egg for anything. As you say it’s passion, its obviously rooted in love and everything rooted in love shines through, it doesn’t care for boundaries. Its not something you loose over time, it only transcends to something much more beautiful or else, how’s it passion?

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  13. It is all about discipline. You will have to live two lives, work twice and stick to both your job and blog. There ain’t no rule that a “full time blogger” only attains self actualization goals. You might get frustrated with your job, but remember, your blog is there to restore the positivity you need. And financial stability never did anyone any harm. Where there is a will, there is a way. All the best!

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  14. I have read some great advice here and probably would have added my own here but feel that the pandemic made this impossible for me to give any financial advice. Maybe sharing my story might help you make some decisions. We have been without income for the past 6 months but we had a safety net for 6 months and I’m so thankful for that because it did help us during this period. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough, the pandemic has taken our safety net away so quickly and I have learned that 6 months planning ahead is not sufficient. I started to write blogs also 6 months ago to inspire others and keep my own spirits up as well 🙂 I had the time to do so and I’m thankful for this opportunity, although this is not paying our bills, I just have to stay positive and are still hoping for better outcomes.

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    1. I am so sorry you are going through this difficult financial time and hope it passes quickly. Your story does help because it shows what can happen even with 6 months of back-up. I’ve tried being self-employed in the past (selling on eBay), 3 times now, and I always ended up back at a job due to sales never being consistent. It was not fun when I didn’t have enough money to pay the bills. Hugs, hope it gets better soon.

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  15. I haven’t read al the replies, but I am still going to leave a comment:
    First of all, you cannot live by basing your future on your past. That is is gone and existing in memories, that can control how you behave if you keep referring back to what happened in the past, for how future events will occur in the same way, eg. failure of whatever.
    Doing anything that sets ourselves free will take strength and courage, on a level like you have never known before.
    The skill is breaking old habits and behaviours to replace them with ones that suit our life for the better. We are creatures of habit who seek comfort and easy solutions. But we can influence the outcomes of our daily life and future.
    By believing in ourselves, who and what we are, to be able to stand in that truth and ‘know’ that we are strong and trusting of our own self. Nothing can guarantee wealth or success, but are they what we seek? The riches in life are nature, love, compassion, gratitude. The things that have not been able to be monetised like so much much else.
    We need some way to generate income and need to streamline our lifestyle to one that is manageable within that. That may need a re-evaluation of much in our lives.
    Perhaps seek alternative employment, and try to manifest and invite it into your life. A career change, lifestyle change, new life.
    Life is a Quantum future, with so many possibilities that are each affected by the first choice that we make. Life is simply waiting for you to make the first move to support you.
    Chaos is forever possible and a basis of all life. There will always be challenges and difficulties no matter what you decide. You only need to decide if you should trust yourself and accept the outcome, in the knowledge that you can do many things.
    The secret is not to do it for the money but to share, help and support others with what you know and have. Buy all means support that with some level of employment and move in the direction you chose and not as a victim of life.
    It may take time, but if you are clear in who and what you are, with good intentions, love, gratitude, compassion, ad following your heartfelt self, you are more likely to find happiness in life with a sense of purpose.
    Those are the riches in this world, which have been lost or forgotten by many.
    Seek and you will find, you are already on the path.
    Nothing worthwhile happens overnight, so dig in and make yourself a stronger and better person.
    Love and hugs

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    1. Thank-you for your wise words and encouragement. An update – I quit my job at the end of June. I can’t quite say that everything is going smoothly, but I feel better because I’m taking steps towards what I really want and I can feel that I’m going to make it this time. The difference from my past experience is that I’m following my passions and inner guidance, when before I was frantically trying to make something work that I am skilled at but not passionate about.

      Your reply comes at perfect timing and is a sign to me that I’m on the right track! Thank-you so much!!

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      1. You clear interest in my site is heartwarming as is your reply to my comment. My life has been anything but straight forward. It took me many years to learn lifes lessons. I have finally reached a good place that I was always supposed to arrive at. Humans have a unique ability to complicate life, which in essence is really very simple. It leaves you wondering what went wrong in the world to make this all happen. I believe I have a much better idea of that part of my life and try to share it with others while I can.
        Great to learn you are well on on your journey.
        I send you my love and hugs for a bright and happy future.

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      2. It’s encouraging to hear that you’ve finally reached a good place after many life lessons. I feel I’m getting there but still learning and will always be, but the older I get, the more lessons under my belt. Love and hugs back to you 🙂


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