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The Importance Of To-Do Lists

I was reminded of the importance of to-do lists this weekend. I work full time and when the weekend comes around I feel really scattered because there seems to be so much to do.  The scatteredness is not a pleasant feeling - I'll think of a few things I need to do, then start doing… Continue reading The Importance Of To-Do Lists

Home Organization

Home Organization Inspiration: What is Your Favorite Tip? Mine is 10 Minutes Per Day

I have included my favorite home organization tip below, but thought it would be more inspiring and motivating to get a variety of tips from readers. Please tell us about your favorite home organization tip in the comments below.   My Favorite Home Organization Tip: 10 Minutes Per Day

Home Organization

Book Review: The Complete Home Organizer

Book Review: The Complete Home Organizer A Guide to Functional Storage Space for All The Rooms In Your Home by Maxine Ordesky With color photographs on almost every page, this book offers a wealth of ideas to get organized. It teaches you how to use your space well and gives advice on how to figure… Continue reading Book Review: The Complete Home Organizer