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Hello 🙂

I am so excited to start this blog with my mom! I really want to be able to connect with readers– so I’d love to share a little about myself. I am 26 years old. I have a rabbit named Leo who is absolutely adorable and a little brat, all in one. He is most definitely my heart.


The first thing I ever wanted to be was a Kindergarten teacher when I was in Kindergarten, pretty simple right? And then that changed.. I can’t remember if I was in first or second grade, maybe third. But, regardless, my school started a new thing. They wanted each person in every class to write a themed story. Then they would choose one story from each of those classes and from there, they chose one story over all to be acted in front of the school assembly. It was around Thanksgiving time so this was the theme. Well, they chose my story and it was about Turkeys that got kidnapped and locked in cages. They talked to each other and bonded while locked away and then used their claws to pick themselves out of the cage. They then escaped to Hawaii where they were free and ran along the beach side. I remember watching as my teachers acted my story out in front of me and the rest of the school. People laughed and clapped. That was the moment I knew I wanted to write. I realized that the words we put to paper could very well become reality. They could make people laugh, smile, and give them hope. As I grew older, this moment never left me. My dream is to write a book and have it turned into a movie. My biggest dream is to use my writing as a way to help others.

I mainly want to write because of how hard life can be. It can really just suck.. But, you know those days in life when the world seems magical? When the sun is shining and you can feel every ray embrace your skin. How traces of hope can be found by looking at something as simple as a sunflower’s yellow petals bursting to life. The promise of creation. When a smile can brighten your day and a compliment can change your outlook. Intense moments of pleasure that leave you breathless. The way a person’s laugh can instantly fill you with joy. Life is so richly inviting and beautiful and yet in this very same concept- life is so deeply devastating. It is sometimes these memories that end up causing the pain. The regret of words that were left unspoken. The feeling of heartbreak for past actions. Isolation and depression that leads to forgetting how gorgeous this universe can absolutely be.

The most amazing thing about this universe is the people who live in it. These people have the ability to plant the seeds where sunflowers will bloom, to spread love in ways that will enrich lives, to extend a giving hand to those in need, and to create love which lasts lifetimes. While life is painful and cruel there is always a choice to enjoy the beautiful reminders of creation and that we have the extreme power to create absolutely whatever we desire. This does include our perception. Our perception is solely based upon the thoughts we allow.

The funny thing about our thoughts is that they are ever flowing, consuming. But our brains are powerful enough to change the way in which we view the world and in what we think about. The quote “love or fear” has never rang more true. We have the ability to look at any situation through the lens we choose. Emotions are real and they are unavoidable and they definitely deserve to be felt, but once they are released we can not suck them back in and let them destroy us. We must change our perception and move forward because there will always be another day that arrives in which the universe is begging for us to get lost in.

That’s really the most important things to know about me. My bunny, how much writing means to me, oh, and my friends and family. I love them dearly.

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