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Thoughts On Death, Healing and Being Of Service To Others

I have learned that service helps not only others, but yourself.  I have two recent examples. My mom was declining from Cancer and it was her wish to die at home.  I was the only one in the family that was 'strong' enough mentally and physically to be able to help her fulfill her wish. … Continue reading Thoughts On Death, Healing and Being Of Service To Others

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Unconditional Joy

For most of my life, having a good day or a bad day depended on what was happening in my life. When I weighed myself going up or down one pound was the deciding factor for how I felt that day. (I stopped weighing myself years ago). When I've had a partner and things were… Continue reading Unconditional Joy

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4 Steps to Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety can steal your joy. It comes up unexpectedly throughout the day and you have absolutely no control over it. You're forced to be stuck with paralyzing thoughts that can effect your personal relationships and even your work. It seems there is no way out of the entrapment that's going on in your mind. You… Continue reading 4 Steps to Overcoming Anxiety


Self Empowerment Tarot Reading

Hi! This is the first reading I have decided to do. I wanted this to be a quick reading about general advice from God in regards to your self empowerment journey. I prayed to be a clear channel before doing this reading. I have the decks I used towards the bottom of this blog and… Continue reading Self Empowerment Tarot Reading