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Walmart Grocery Shopping Online & Pick-Up Experience

One of the things I planned to do in protecting myself from CoronaVirus is to shop online for my groceries and do the pick-up service. This is not something I was open to before because I like looking for deals and picking out my own fresh produce. But I’m trying to stay away from large crowds thinking it decreases my risk of getting it. Even though most grocery stores are doing their part in cleaning/disinfecting, someone can still sneeze or cough and the droplets would be in the air or even on things. So I thought it less risky.

Apparently many other people thought the same because after my 2-hour online shopping experience, I learned they can’t schedule my pick-up because they are booked. There’s no tomorrow or another day option either. It just said to try again later, so I will.

I did like shopping online for my groceries though. I was able to find a few good deals that I normally don’t see when I go into the store, and it allowed me to really look at the price comparisons. It was relaxing, rather than getting through the crowds, feeling like I’m in the way of people, or people getting into my space so allowed me to think through my purchase decisions better. I stuck to mostly packaged produce (avocados in a mesh bag and packaged mushrooms), rather than single so I wasn’t having to rely on someone else hand picking it from a pile. It also prevented me from running back and forth due to forgetting to get something in a department I had already been to. I also don’t have to wait in a long line to check out.

I’ve never liked crowds so I think I may stick with this and I hope the pick-up service becomes available soon.

What do you think? Do you shop online for your groceries then go pick them up? If so, what has your experience been? Do you do it regularly? What are the pros and cons?

~ Monica

Follow-Up On Wal-Mart Grocery Pick-Up

Here are a few of the products available with my art printed on them (by clicking an item you like, it will take you to the page where it’s available). They’d make great gifts to yourself or someone you love and would help support my dream of becoming a full-time writer and artist. Any purchase would be SO appreciated, but if you don’t want to or can’t, that’s totally fine. Just stopping by and reading my blog is a huge support so please do not feel obligated.

Chickadee Painting Tote Bag featuring the painting Chickadee by Monica Resinger
68 Dodge Charger Coffee Mug featuring the painting 68 Dodge Charger by Monica Resinger
68 Charger Coffee Mug
Pompon Dahlias Throw Pillow featuring the painting Pompon Dahlias by Monica Resinger
Dahlia Throw Pillow
Bunny Painting Tote Bag featuring the painting Bunny by Monica Resinger
Bunny in Flowers Tote
Clematis Painting Shower Curtain featuring the painting Clematis by Monica Resinger
Clematis Shower Curtain
Pig Painting Weekender Tote Bag featuring the painting Playful Pig by Monica Resinger
Neighborhood Painting Coffee Mug featuring the painting Neighborhood by Monica Resinger
Chickadee Greeting Card
Chickadee Greeting Card
Space Needle Tote Bag featuring the painting Seattle Space Needle Cityscape by Monica Resinger
Space Needle Tote
Dutch Bunny Daisies Acrylic Painting Black White Spring Easter Rabbit Impressionism Coffee Mug featuring the painting Dutch Bunny With Daisies by Monica Resinger
Dutch Bunny Coffee Mug
Lighthouse Throw Pillow featuring the painting River Rouge Memorial Lighthouse by Monica Resinger
River Rouge Lighthouse Pillow

22 thoughts on “Walmart Grocery Shopping Online & Pick-Up Experience”

  1. We’ve been getting our groceries online for a little while now and I love it. We get ours at Kroger and it has actually saved money because I’m not just grabbing stuff off the end of aisles. Walmart pick-up here has been horrible so we’ve been shopping elsewhere for household stuff.

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    1. I finally got my order scheduled for pick-up tomorrow – we’ll see how that goes. If it doesn’t go well I’ll try Kroger (which is Fred Meyer here). I chose Walmart because I only live less than a mile away, but Kroger isn’t much farther. So far, I’m loving not having to go into the store and deal with the crowd and finding the things I need. Like you, I saved money… and I looked up a promo code and saved $10 on the order! Now I just have to see how the pick-up goes tomorrow.

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      1. I did another order today which was planned for delivery this week on Thursday. Tonight I have received an email and also saw it on the news that all deliveries are now cancelled until further notice. Disappointing but I will manage.

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      2. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that and hope they get it going again. I was able to pick up my order 2 days ago and it went very well. They were out of 4 or 5 things but I knew that would happen with everyone stockpiling.


      3. Good news today I received an email from online supermarket shopping…I have been identified as a Priority Customer and can now get online orders. I quickly did an order, many items were not available, I managed to make up an order regardless of scant stocks. It is due to be delivered on Tuesday, here’s hoping all that I was able to order will be available. I am feeling grateful and blessed πŸ‘πŸ™‚

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  2. I’ve been doing Walmart grocery pickup for over a year now. I started right after I had a baby. Literally, I had a baby and did grocery pickup 3days later. It’s been a lifesaver as a new parent. I didn’t have to take a baby into a store and mingle her in everyone’s germs. I could let her sleep warm and safe in the car and it was wonderful. I understand your frustration but normally their system is very good. Also, it only takes a long time to shop the first time or 2 and then it’s super fast and easy.

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    1. I wish they had it when I had my babies, but am very thankful for it now. It all worked out wonderfully! I got it scheduled for 2 days later and the pick-up went very smoothly. They were only out of 4 or 5 things on my list, which is understandable with all the people clearing shelves to stock up. I will never go back to shopping in the store again. I am converted πŸ˜‰


  3. Great move… your health should always come first.Speaking of online shopping,I’ve done it on other items not grocery, I always prefer fresh veggies from my farmπŸ™‚.And the art,it’s so splendid πŸ‘Œ! I’ll have a look…

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