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Ocean Road Trip! Westport, WA

My daughter and I took a trip to the ocean last weekend.  We both LOVE road trips and exploring.

We live in Washington and our nearest ocean beaches are 90 miles away.  We have a choice of Westport or Ocean Shores.  We both prefer Westport because there’s less crowds, a lighthouse, quaint little shops, and a boardwalk. Ocean Shores is very touristy.

On the way there, we always stop at what we call the ghost mall – a big walk-through mall with only a few little shops and a Sears left.  There’s a couple of places left in the food court.  Each time we go there (every year or two), it gets smaller and smaller. But it’s like we have a large mall to ourselves and there’s still shops to look through.


There was this awesome mural painted on a wall that we took a picture with:


We then stopped at Brady’s Oysters to get a snack.  I sometimes like to buy a big container of oysters but I was low on funds.  We opted for a small package of smoked oysters to share and they were delicious.  On the way in we spotted the rays of the sun shooting through the trees – the photo doesn’t do it justice, but here it is:


The beach wasn’t too far down the road:

At the beach (and in the car – the whole day actually) we talked about things we are going through and the lessons we are learning. We walked and found a few sand dollars and pretty rocks, then we sat in the sand and enjoyed the sound of the waves, the sun and the sights.

We drew some words and art in the sand with our fingers:

Then I made a cat sand sculpture:


We drove into town to get something to eat but everywhere was closed except for one restaurant which was too crowded for us, but we did get pictures of these pretty flowers and deer on the way out:

It was starting to get dark so we didn’t get to see the lighthouse this time, but here it is from another one of our trips:


Such a great day.  We always have the best times together!  We seem to laugh all day long while in the car driving along.  Laughing at the mistakes we’ve made, some of the crazy things we go through, or just being goofy. Talking through things we are going through. Enjoying the beauty. My girl is a delight and blessing to me.  I’m glad we’re so close to share these wonderful memories.

A day like this is such a great way to forget the little problems of every day life and come home feeling refreshed and renewed.  It is an excellent way to take care of yourself.

~ Monica

9 thoughts on “Ocean Road Trip! Westport, WA”

  1. You chose just the right time for your adventure too. Weather still is cooperative, yet the summer crowds have drawn back into the past.

    Distance works for you too. Close enough to make a great “day trip,” yet far enough to get in some great discussions/bonding.


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    1. Yes, we were really lucky with the weather with it being October. Sunny and fairly warm. Westport is so great for not being overly crowded mostly anytime of year. We do feel blessed to live close enough to be able to make it a road trip that can be done in one day. Thank-you for reading and commenting! I appreciate it!

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