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To All Parents

Please value your child’s individuality

Please give your child love, acceptance, support and affection

Please don’t try to make your child into what you want him/her to be

Please protect your child from physical and emotional harm from anyone, even family

Please help your child feel safe

Please support your child’s emotions

Please help your child feel worthy

Doing these things will save your child from a lifetime of dysfunctional relationships and situations

And will give you a loving relationship with your child, rather than a horrible ending

Your child needs to know you value and love him or her

All of your actions are teaching them how to feel about him or herself

If we are not accepting, loving, valuing and supporting them they will not do this for themselves and will choose people that do not value or love them, leading to a very broken life

If our children are grown and we’ve made mistakes (we are human and we ALL make mistakes), it’s never too late to begin treating them with love and respect to begin a healing process.

From a 54-year-old that now realizes why she chose all the wrong people and situations that led to a life full of dysfunction but now recovering and healing towards a better life. Her parents did not know any better and she does not blame them. She only puts this information out in an effort to help as many people as possible live a happy life with healthy relationships.

26 thoughts on “To All Parents”

  1. Parents who overshare photos of their kids online… I think kids might resent their parents later in life when they’re aware of what’s happening.

    It’s hard deciding how many photos I should share/shouldn’t share. I’ve left FB and taking a hiatus from IG. I’ve debated many times whether to make my IG account private. I totally see why some parents choose to make their accounts private! It’s also becoming harder and harder to find people using a simple google search as long as their accounts are set to private so that’s a good thing!

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  2. Thank you very much for sharing this and I totally agree with you. We spend a lot of time with parents when we are young. Things they say/do to us and about us can have a huge impact on our lives afterwards. It is best to be a good example to them about what love, kindness, forgiveness and making good decisions look like, so that they can take the right path just the way we do.

    Have a wonderful day my dear😊

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  3. Great article, particularly as it obviously comes from the heart.

    We all descend from thousands of generations of parents. As the millennia unfurled, they shared every triumph and made every mistake we can imagine. Yet still, we’re here.

    What makes us special? We still can shape the future. We, and we alone, can break the seemingly endless chain of abuses and mistakes. We can restore humanity to a better setting. Previous generations had their say; now it’s our turn.

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    1. I love your thoughts on this – they are hopeful.

      It’s so funny I never gave a thought to the past, thinking it didn’t affect me, but a recent event got me digging and I’m realizing how much one person’s abuse can affect so many others. Then there’s others that enable the abuse and the children learn from that and repeat patterns that can ruin their lives and down the line if they don’t figure out why they’re doing it and heal. I’m flabbergasted at all that I’ve learned this year about this subject. I had no clue I was doing things based on things that happened in my childhood.

      It seems there are many going through the same sort of thing like a collective healing issues related to this. I hope that is what I am seeing anyway, because it would be nice if we can begin to make a better world.

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      1. So true, Monica!

        Just one instance of abuse – be it physical, where the mind first goes, or emotional, or sexual, or some combination of the above – often scars generations to come. All too often, thousands of years come and go before the blight disappears.

        “My parents beat me. How else am I going to get my own kids under control?”

        That’s why the one courageous soul who breaks the cycle, who recalls our species’ constant improvement – is due all the cheers we can muster. Because that person has created a shining legacy which also will endure.

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      2. Breaking the cycle is extremely trying, but I’m on a mission! It can be hard to see a good ending, but I know it will help the future if our family goes on (so far, my kids don’t have children). If not, maybe my experiences will help others break their family abuse cycle.

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      1. Well let this be the first one! I’m glad you like it. Basically it is a recognition given between bloggers. There are different kinds of awards like the sunshine blogger award, the liebster award and so on. On my blog you’ll find the rules of the award. You need to answer my questions and then nominate other people to answer you questions and so on. It’s quite fun to let others know that you appreciate their blog and it gives an opportunity to get to know other blogs 🙂 I hope you enjoy it!

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  4. You are very much correct Madam. I believe one reason for conflict between parents and children is the former’s inability to give space to children to take decisions and lead life as per their will. Parents may be concerned, but again, too much anxiety and falsely assuming that the child is a fool is going to affect the health of not only the parents but also the child.
    Great read Madam.. 😊 Thank you for sharing..!!

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