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’68 Charger Painting

I am critical of this in many ways, but thought I'd post it for entertainment's sake.  Obviously I'm not a realist artist.  I've self-taught myself over the years and go through phases where I can't paint enough.  I first learned to tole paint from instruction books in my 20's.  That evolved over the years to… Continue reading ’68 Charger Painting

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Playful Pig Painting + Symbolism

I'm really loving choosing my subject and colors to paint from strips of paper in a cup.  Today's subject was Pig with the colors pink, purple and teal.  You'll also see some grey, white and black - I allow myself to use white and black along with the chosen colors, and if I want to… Continue reading Playful Pig Painting + Symbolism

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Colorful Houses Painting w/Notes

I've been painting a lot lately and enjoying it.  It's helping me get through some difficult times.  When I paint, all I think about is painting.  Is there anything you do that gets you through difficult times? Here is today's painting.  I've been admiring the work of Georges Rouault so I imitated his style. Sometimes… Continue reading Colorful Houses Painting w/Notes

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Rose Bouquet Impressionism Painting

This is a new painting I completed today of a rose bouquet.  I took a picture of a rose bouquet my daughter bought me a few years ago and this is my impression of it. It is 5" x 7" and painted on stretched canvas with acrylics. I just listed it as an auction on… Continue reading Rose Bouquet Impressionism Painting

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Snowman Art

This is another art trading card I did in 2006 that I sold on eBay.  An art trading card is 2.5" x 3.5" and an inexpensive and fun way to collect art.  I painted this in acrylics and used colored pencils for some of the details. Check out more of my art here I LOVE connecting… Continue reading Snowman Art

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Santa Christmas Art

Just sharing one of my earliest paintings. It's an ATC (artist trading card) painting I did back in 2006.  I sold it on eBay and don't remember what it sold for. I used acrylic paint and colored pencils. Artist trading cards are 2.5" x 3.5". They are a fun and inexpensive way to collect art.… Continue reading Santa Christmas Art

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In Progress: Rooster Impressionism in Oil Pastel

I am a self-taught artist. Years ago before divorce happened I painted nearly every day. My preferences then were color and whimsy and I used acrylics and colored pencils. Then divorce happened and I haven't been able to paint as much due to working full time. It's been about 12 years since divorce & my… Continue reading In Progress: Rooster Impressionism in Oil Pastel