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Blogging Tip That May Help You Write More Posts

For me, I have a set time to be in my office on the computer.  During this time I may get some writing done and I may not. Once I’m out of my office, I’m done with writing because I’m away from my computer. It’s rare that I go back into my office later that day.

I love to write with pen and paper and most of the time I do this I’m journaling in the comfort of my recliner. Today it came to me that I could write blog posts with pen and paper then when I’m on the computer in the morning, I could just type them in.  So I jotted down my blog post ideas today and guess what? Here I am on my computer in the evening – which I don’t normally do.

Also, I bought new pens and notebooks yesterday.  🙂

I don’t know if this will help your writing process but thought I’d share.

What helps you write more in your blog?

~ Monica

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