What’s Blooming In My Garden May 2022

We have had a very rainy and windy Fall, Winter and Spring here in western Washington zone 8b. It has been a cooler than usual Spring with less sun so a lot of my plants are blooming later than usual. The blooms are very appreciated. Chives Columbine Columbine Spanish Bluebells Spanish Bluebells Spanish Bluebells Torch… Continue reading What’s Blooming In My Garden May 2022

Lavender, Using Herbs and Flowers

Lemon Lavender Scones

Last weekend, Jim and I went to Long Row Lavender in Wright City, MO. It’s a cute little farm halfway between St. Louis and Columbia where you can pick your own lavender, take a stroll around the farm, and even get breakfast or lunch. We had a great time picking lavender. We got there early… Continue reading Lemon Lavender Scones