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Been using much of my energy on fillers. Doing things that steal my inspiration and waste time. I go to work, come home, eat and straighten the house, then watch Youtube. This past week I've been on vacation.  Actually a staycation. I let myself go to the casino and since I won a little money… Continue reading Scattered

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Fulfilled and Single, FINALLY

I've been pretty much single for 12 years since my divorce.  I've had four very short-term boyfriends during this time but they didn't last long enough to even feel like a real relationship and I never lived with any of them. I'd say 9 of the 12 years was spent pining for a relationship or… Continue reading Fulfilled and Single, FINALLY

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To Create a Fulfilling Life, Be Aware of Where Your Focus Is.

Our inspirations and actions come from our mental energy. If your life is in chaos and not going in the direction you want it to, consider what you are thinking about and doing most of the time.  Are you constantly upset about something and trying to fix it?  Are you daydreaming of how life will… Continue reading To Create a Fulfilling Life, Be Aware of Where Your Focus Is.

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How Quitting My Job Gave Me Freedom

About 2 months ago, I quit a really good job, completely randomly. When I say random, I mean totally random. I had no back up plan: no savings; it was completely impulsive (As I tend to do most things in life :P). Well, I thought about the decision for about two days before quitting.. Most… Continue reading How Quitting My Job Gave Me Freedom