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Pink Tulip Symbolism & Art

Pink tulips symbolize affection, caring, good wishes and love. Here are my thoughts on these qualities. My pink tulip art is shared at the end of this post. Hug the people you love. Some people (including myself) forgot about hugging during the pandemic. For your significant other, kiss, hold hands or put your arm around… Continue reading Pink Tulip Symbolism & Art


Oil Pastel Poppy with Reference Photo

My latest piece of art This was the reference photo. It's a photo of a poppy growing in my yard: It is available printed on useful and decorative items at Fine Art America: Thank-you for looking! Click here for more items available with my art printed on them. Warmly, Monica Face Masks With My Art… Continue reading Oil Pastel Poppy with Reference Photo

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In Progress: Rooster Impressionism in Oil Pastel

I am a self-taught artist. Years ago before divorce happened I painted nearly every day. My preferences then were color and whimsy and I used acrylics and colored pencils. Then divorce happened and I haven't been able to paint as much due to working full time. It's been about 12 years since divorce & my… Continue reading In Progress: Rooster Impressionism in Oil Pastel