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Winter Whimsical Owl Art

This is another art trading card painting I did back in 2006 with acrylics and colored pencil.

I love owls. My daughter got off work one night and there was a big light-colored one standing on a car two cars away looking at her. Her co-worker took a picture and she sent it to me – she was so excited.  I would have been too!  I still haven’t seen one in real life (possibly at a zoo a long time ago but I don’t remember).  Hoping I’ll get a chance meeting with one someday.  🙂

This can be purchased as a print here.


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I LOVE connecting with you!  Conversation starters for comments:

  • Share your art from your blog
  • What’s your favorite medium and why?
  • What’s your favorite style of art and why?
  • Have you sold your art? Please tell us about it.
  • Do you use an art site to sell your art?
  • Any thoughts or comments I didn’t cover?

Some of my art products for sale:

Lighthouse Tote Bag featuring the painting Christmasy Lighthouse by Monica Resinger    Whimsical Art Print featuring the painting Winter Whimsical Owl by Monica Resinger     Whimsical Tote Bag featuring the painting Winter Whimsical Owl by Monica Resinger

9 thoughts on “Winter Whimsical Owl Art”

  1. Nice work, Monica! In particular, the colors you chose complement each other and flow together beautifully.

    When you wrote about never having seen an owl before, it seemed unlikely…until I realized I never have seen one myself. I hear them often – at least a couple nights a month – yet they remain “invisible.”

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