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How Quitting My Job Gave Me Freedom

About 2 months ago, I quit a really good job, completely randomly. When I say random, I mean totally random. I had no back up plan: no savings; it was completely impulsive (As I tend to do most things in life :P). Well, I thought about the decision for about two days before quitting.. Most people I know thought I was crazy to do such a thing, some were supportive in my decision but I could tell they gave me a funny look like… “Wtf…”, and some people were empowered by it and thought it was awesome. Personally, I thought I was crazy. I started to regret the decision the very next day, when just 24 hours earlier I had felt 100% confident in my decision. Funny how life works, right? After A day or so of regret, I honed in on exactly why I decided to quit.

The main reason was because I was not happy. I had very little time. I was commuting to Seattle on the daily. This was adding 3 hours to my work day. The work was stressful and repetitive. I was told to read a script and that is just not me! I felt as is my self expression was ripped  away. On top of that, I had to sit in a cubicle all day. I was used to working on my feet and really missed the physical aspect of other jobs I had.

While those things were not working for me, I did absolutely love my co workers and the pay. It was a great job in a lot of ways!

But, I had to be honest with myself and the truth was, I really wanted to quit. I could not take another day of being inauthentic to myself. I wanted to quit this job to give myself time to follow my passions and to be less stressed. For me, I didn’t care if I never found a job that paid well again. I would rather work minimum wage, pay the bills, but have more time for the people and things that mattered in life. This is a personal way I choose to live life, but it may be different for each one of us and to that I say, “To each their own ;).”

So there I was.. Jobless, working with my mom on Ebay and selling clothing/jewelry which really wasn’t paying the bills. There were a few times I started to worry, but overall, I had faith. I knew that the universe had my back and would line something up for me. I believed wholeheartedly that because I quit this job that I now had opened up my energy and that something new would come– and it did. I started working at a warehouse making pretty good money. Not as much as before, but it gives me extra spending money after bills and most importantly, it is 15 minutes away from home. I instantly earned 3 hours of time compared to my other job and I can not begin to tell you how happy I truly am. I am able to plan more things, I have more time to think, breathe, go grocery shopping, be in nature, exercise, play a damn board game if I wanted to.

If there’s anything I would like you to take away from this experience I’m sharing, it’s that you have to follow what it is that makes you happy and have faith in yourself and in the universe that you will reach that happiness. Had I never quit my job- I would still be stuck doing something that does not fulfill me. So whatever your passion and purpose in life is, I strongly encourage you to follow it. #passion #fulfillment

For me, my family, friends, nature, writing, taking pictures, traveling, road trips, my bunny, sushi, eating good, and feeling free is truly what is important to me.

I have cut many other things out of my life as well! And YES some of those things were people. Their negative energy was not flowing and they did not come to me correct lol. I’ve learned that no matter how selfish it may sound or may actually be, it is best to live for yourself first. Everything else lines up after. You can not sacrifice or compromise anything that takes away from your peace of mind or your happiness. It’s never worth it!



13 thoughts on “How Quitting My Job Gave Me Freedom”

  1. Way to go in doing what was best for you. Wishing you all the best.

    Like you I quit my job and it was the best thing I could have done. My next impulsive decision was to give notice where I was renting. I was not happy living in that apartment. By quitting my job and giving notice at the apartment I was able to move forward and move close to my son and his family. Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and do what is right for you. Lol! Even if it is another impulsive decision and buy a house like I did last year. My cup of happiness has been overflowing ever since.

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  2. I really love this article, it’s so important to do exactly what you love doing!! It is so freeing! I made a friend a few weeks ago driving him home (ubering) we enjoyed each other’s company so much we got lunch on the spot. We got Mexican and ate in the grass at a park, shared our life and time and it was amazing! I embraced my spur-of-the-moment self and made a new great friend!

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  3. This is an amazing piece of truth that l concur. It’s all about faith following your heart we are amazing human beings and inside us, we get a signal a thought a feeling whether we should do this or not even though it doesnt feel comfortable at the time well done!

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    1. Thank you! I totally agree its about faith and following your heart. I know the pull ive been having is that i need to work towards this. I can feel it so bad that i want to change it immediately but I am just going to have to have patience. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!


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