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Sunflower Vibes

When I think of the Universe, I think of sunflowers. I think of yellow- yellow bursts of happiness expanding to the heights of this beautiful canvas in which we all have the wonderful gift of enjoying. When I think of the universe– I think of equality and freedom. The fact that each individual has their special & unique gifts to give to the world. How those gifts can color the outcome of where, when and how our life progresses. Life is many things. It is a journey, it is sadness, happiness, anger, passion, beauty, emotions, depth, timing. It’s a swirl of creation that gives birth to new projects, new life, new vitality, new inventions and wisdom. When I take a second to look at the big picture of life, I realize that the possibility of outcomes are limitless. I like to believe that the universe is capable of the impossible. For I have seen many miracles in my life that have outweighed and surpassed every imaginable test of science and even what my mind thought was possible. I have witnessed nature- alive. And growth. Moments transforming. As we know, life is fleeting, yet never ending. A paradox of moments and events. This universe is capable. Overwhelmingly amazing.

There are times in life when the moments of sadness and anger hit me harder than the last set of emotions that washed through me. In that moment, I think to myself, that it isn’t possible to feel anything worse. Until those next set of emotions flow and I’m left wondering if this moment will pass. If I will make my way back to happiness once again. These are the moments I dread, but also the moments I cherish. The gift of feeling. The expression of living & life. The knowing that I have experienced love. That I am love. That we are all love. It is a treasure to understand the depth of our human existence and to understand that as each moment passes we can encompass gratitude for each of those moments, presently, or lingering in time.

There are also times where the moment seems to pass me by. I wish that I could have just one more second, one more hour. That I could stay in one place just a little longer. In the same ironic understanding of time, I wish the clock could speed up a bit. That the proper timing should arrive to induce the perfect situation I’m longing for. I wish time could align with my heart. It would make a lot more sense.

But after all, I am grateful for timing. Timing is perfect. For it has taught me a vast lesson of releasing control. That I am never really in control. I have reluctantly been guided to a place of peace where the only moment I can seem to feel is the one I am currently in. I believe life is meant to be lived this way. The good & the bad. I used to spend so much time, and sometimes still do, thinking about the past- about the future. What’s to come, what’s to pass. I end up missing out on the greatest gift of all.. the present moment of beauty that surrounds me. The sunflowers that are bursting to life & all of the endless possibilities that leave me breathless.

I call it Sunflower Vibes. I’m just passing through time.

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