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Whimsical Owl Painting & Symbology

This art was created with the intention to bring its' symbolism into the life of whomever owns it. Owls symbolize truth, honesty, wisdom, courage, protection, clarity and independence. The color green is associated with money and abundance, harmony, creativity, new beginnings, safety, security, growth, healing, innovativeness, peace and stability. The painting also has a sense… Continue reading Whimsical Owl Painting & Symbology

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Letting People Be Responsible for Their Own Lives

When people are not responsible for their own lives and happiness it can hurt those that love them by putting a burden on them - a burden that is not theirs. We cannot give others happiness, security, stability, health, etc.  - they have to find it in themselves. When we try to give them these… Continue reading Letting People Be Responsible for Their Own Lives