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This is the first reading I have decided to do. I wanted this to be a quick reading about general advice from God in regards to your self empowerment journey. I prayed to be a clear channel before doing this reading. I have the decks I used towards the bottom of this blog and also information on how to purchase your own personal Tarot reading as well.

These are the cards I drew today August 16th, 2018;

Picture 1:


Picture 2:IMG_20180816_173506_682

Your spirit animal of the day:

In picture 2, you will see the card labeled “Oyster” and this is your spirit animal. I asked that this card could be an overall message for the reading today. The oyster spirit animal card is all about realizing your inner treasures. Just as the oyster opens itself to find a pearl neatly tucked inside, you may have gifts that you are hiding as well. This card reminds you to look within and value all of your gifts and talents. To remember your worth and your beauty! It is also a reminder not to be shy or doubtful of these gifts you have. Open yourself up to the world and sharing your vision!

Top row of Picture 1:

Ace of Water is a card about unconditional love. With this card I am getting the vibe that some of you are feeling extremely good in your self empowerment journey. You may be learning about unconditional love and really feeling this currently. There is a good chance you are feeling thankful and happy. Like you are at the top of your game!! This is great and I am so happy you’re feeling this way. This card is saying good job. Ace, in the tarot deck, also represents a new beginning– so this could be a new feeling for you or a feeling of love that you haven’t felt for a while. Celebrate how you feel at this time and enjoy it! I am also getting a second reality of this card. You could be learning a lesson that is guiding you to unconditional love at this time. This card is a reminder to stay positive through this hard time and to remember that this will pass. A lot of times, these lessons we learn are very uncomfortable but they are breaking old patterns and bringing in new life and ways of being. This card represents this transition to unconditional love.

7 of Fire is a reminder to make decisions for yourself!! 100% this may be something you are struggling with at this time in your life. This was something I recently struggled with. It is so very important to remember that you do not need to conform to other people’s wants or desires. You do not need to say yes unless it is something you are actually wanting to do. I recently quit my job to become self employed and was worried about what other people would think. About the work load I might put on to others. Or maybe their doubt that I may not succeed. Once I quit about a month ago, I was surprised by the amount of support I received and how happy I was to be making a decision for myself and myself only. There may be people that doubt you or do not support your decision, but those people do not matter. Either they will learn to support you if they are true people in your life, or they will abandon you. You don’t want them if they can’t be by your side anyway. To me, this card is also a reminder to be authentic to yourself. Even if your authenticity is different than others, this card ENCOURAGES you to follow it. Be true to yourself and follow what you heart is aching for you to do. Do not conform just to please others.

Ace of Air is another card about new beginnings and transformation. I am feeling that most people reading this are going through extreme changes in life right now. It could be that you are currently going through many different lessons of unconditional love as mentioned before with the ace of water card. Things are happening very quickly and it may feel as if you are drowning. But this card is here to remind you that with transformation, uncomfortable feelings are necessary. There will be new beginning that allows a different type of energy to come in, so do not give up hope.

With these 3 cards paired together it’s apparent that you are going through changes and you’re at a crossroad of decisions that need to be made that could effect others. Keep on going. Make the decisions that are best for you and make those decisions out of unconditional love.

Bottom row of Picture 1:

“Keep an open Mind. Your soul mate may differ from you usual type and expectations.” You may be going through a time right now where you are trying to decide if someone is right for you. They may be so different from your usual type and the vision you have in your head that you’re having a hard time letting this person in.. Overall, if this person treats you well… why not let them in? As long as you are able to keep your power and continue with being the best version of you. You could also be single and waiting for your soul mate to come along (This is the situation I am in.) I think this card is there to remind us that we need to quit thinking we will meet someone the way we want to, or that they will look exactly like we think they should look. I’ve actually been struggling with this for some time now. I’ve learned it’s best to surrender to God. Or the Universe. Whatever your belief is, detach to the outcome and when/where/how it will happen. If it is meant to be yours, it will have your name written all over it. And it may be totally different that what you’ve ever imagined. Or it could be exactly like you’ve felt it in your heart. Who really knows? But if it is meant to happen, it will.


This card is aligned with the throat Chakra and it reminds you to communicate with your loved ones as well as to be open and honest with yourself. Follow your heart and make decisions that are based on who you truly are and what you truly want to be in this world. Those decisions are totally up to you, but it is important to be honest with yourself in what’s holding you back and in the areas that you are not being honest with yourself and others.


“Ready to Love Again. You’ve healed from the past enough to open your heart to new love.”  You’re ready! This card is a celebration of how far you’ve come. You’ve done a lot of healing and it may be time to jump into something that you have been considering. Allow yourself the opportunity to love and connect with others.

Picture 2:


“Double Mission: Channeling and uplifting humanity.” This card is in alignment with the truth card you received and the Oyster. Remember that you have special gifts and talents that the world is ready to see. There may be some kind of fate related mission that you need to be a part of to serve this world!! Do you feel a push to do something greater than yourself? To help others? Pray that God can help you discover and achieve this.


“Do something to shift your vibration.” With all of these strong changes in your life it may be a great time to dance!! Dancing helps to unblock your root chakra and most important it is fun. It’s a way to let lose and of course, love yourself. Just one more way to be empowered and enjoy life!

I hope that you have enjoyed the reading for today!

These are the decks I used:

*The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid (All 3 cards shown on top row in picture 1)

*Crystal Angels Oracle Cards By Doreen Virtue (Bottom right of picture 1)

*The Romance Angels Oracle Cards By Doreen Virtue (Bottom left of picture 1)

*Chakra Reading Cards By Rachelle Charman (Middle of bottom row in Picture 1)

*Work Your Light Oracle Cars By Rebecca Campbell (Left and right of Picture 2)

*The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit By Kim Krans (Middle card in picture 2)

If you would like your own personal reading from us please click the PayPal button below and make a purchase. Screen shot your purchase to our email at Bubblebathse27@gmail.com Please include your questions, a small description of your situation and names involved. We will email your reading as quickly as we are able to!

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Have a great day!


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