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I’ve Never Subscribed to the Best Friend Thing

I’ve never subscribed to the best friend thing. Labeling one friend as my ‘bestie’.

The reason why is because I love all my friends for different reasons and would not want any of them to feel less than another friend, or hurt.

It can be hurtful.  Maybe not intentionally. But if I were to say that about any of my friends publicly, I would know another friend would be hurt by it.

I’ve never understood why people don’t realize this and do it.  Especially grown adult women.

As kids, maybe they don’t think about it, and maybe they do.  Kid or adult, maybe they want someone to feel less than someone else.  Maybe it somehow makes them feel better about themselves? I even recognized this as a kid and would never do it.

In my opinion it not only hurts the person’s other friends, but it hurts themselves.  Because the other friends won’t feel as close to the person and may distance themselves.  What if their ‘bestie’ moves away and isn’t available anymore?  The remaining friends may not want to get close with the person.

Being closer to one friend out of all of them might be natural due to common interests, age, personality compatibility, etc.  But to announce it?  I just don’t think it’s nice or considerate.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

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9 thoughts on “I’ve Never Subscribed to the Best Friend Thing”

  1. Thank you for voicing this viewpoint! I feel the EXACT same way. I never liked it when people used terms such as “bestie” or best friend, which is cringe-worthy especially when someone announces it publicly. It’s like humble-bragging.

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  2. Good friendship will definitely change our lives positively… we must maintain our friendship… we must get good friends if are truthful to ourselves and towards life

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  3. I love this! We definitely feel closer to, and more understood by, some friends than others. But we need different people for different areas of our lives. People provide different things and meet different needs in us. Also, change and growth are part of life so it’s almost inevitable that closeness in friendship will change throughout the different seasons of life. Maybe it is better to have a handful of good friends than to seek for one best friend.

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    1. Great points that you mention. Making it known and flaunting a ‘bestie’ can harm other friendships that could be of value in the future, or even right now. I totally agree that maybe it’s better to have a handful of good friends than to seek for one best friend. I’ve experienced how even one day or a week can make a difference in how close I feel to one friend compared to another. They are all valuable to me in different ways.

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  4. Why do we feel the need to quantify and rank our friends? Friendship is all about emotional warmth, not cold numbers.

    “I would rate our dinner together a 7.86, out of 10” is something nobody said. Ever.

    Sure, assign scores to restaurants,, cars, vacation resorts, etc. See how they stack up.

    People? No. This is one area where we make our stand.. Hit “Delete” on that particular spreadsheet!

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