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Santa Christmas Art

Just sharing one of my earliest paintings. It’s an ATC (artist trading card) painting I did back in 2006.  I sold it on eBay and don’t remember what it sold for. I used acrylic paint and colored pencils.

Artist trading cards are 2.5″ x 3.5″. They are a fun and inexpensive way to collect art.

Check out more of my art here

I LOVE connecting with you!  Conversation starters for comments:

  • Share your Christmas art from your blog
  • What’s your favorite medium and why?
  • What’s your favorite style of art and why?
  • Have you sold your art? Please tell us about it.
  • Do you use an art site to sell your art?
  • Any thoughts or comments I didn’t cover?

Some of my art products for sale:

Lighthouse Throw Pillow featuring the painting Christmasy Lighthouse by Monica Resinger

Lighthouse Tote Bag featuring the painting Christmasy Lighthouse by Monica Resinger 

Whimsical Art Print featuring the painting Winter Whimsical Owl by Monica Resinger 

Whimsical Tote Bag featuring the painting Winter Whimsical Owl by Monica Resinger



5 thoughts on “Santa Christmas Art”

      1. For starters, I realized I painted in acrylics for years and really wasn’t very good. 😀 I knew I just needed to find my niche. I can’t paint in oils due to my asthma. Many people had tried to scare me away from watercolor, saying it was too challenging. I love watching the color flow with the movement of the water. There are details in this medium not possible in the others. Ultimately I encourage you to find the one that you are most passionate about and your gift will follow.

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      2. I am glad you found your niche and thank-you for sharing. I thought I had found my niche in acrylics, color and whimsy, which I still like, but find I’m being pulled towards impressionism. I like pastels because you can just pull them out and get to it (simple) – and they blend easily with vibrant colors. I sure am stumbling around with these two though. Every time I try, I’m not happy with the results, but will keep trying. Someday I want to try watercolor!


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