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Pink Tulip Symbolism & Art

Pink tulips symbolize affection, caring, good wishes and love. Here are my thoughts on these qualities. My pink tulip art is shared at the end of this post. Hug the people you love. Some people (including myself) forgot about hugging during the pandemic. For your significant other, kiss, hold hands or put your arm around… Continue reading Pink Tulip Symbolism & Art

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Bumble Bee Symbolism & Art

Bees represent community, service and prosperity. Here are some thoughts on these qualities. At the end of this post, I share my bumble bee art. Community. When you have community, you and all members have support. Community can be family, friends, church members and others with common interests. There are online communities and in-person communities.… Continue reading Bumble Bee Symbolism & Art

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Orange Daylily Art & Symbolism

Orange daylilies symbolize joy, love, courage, beauty and devotion. Here are some self-empowering thoughts on these qualities. At the end of this post I have shared my daylily art. Joy. Joy comes from within and it is a choice, no matter what is going on in our lives. It may be difficult sometimes to find… Continue reading Orange Daylily Art & Symbolism

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Baby Bunnies Playing in My Yard w/Thoughts About What They Symbolize

I was out weeding and collecting Calendula to make more Calendula Soda yesterday evening and I heard leaves rustling around. I thought it was birds (which I also love to see but I see them a lot every day), but then saw two baby bunnies, one chasing the other round and round one of the… Continue reading Baby Bunnies Playing in My Yard w/Thoughts About What They Symbolize

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A Flower Arrangement To Attract Abundance

This is a flower arrangement I cut from my garden to attract abundance. If you didn't know, flowers and herbs have symbolic meaning that has been gathered through the ages. To find out what the symbolic meaning is of particular flowers and herbs, you can google it. By making an arrangement of flowers and herbs… Continue reading A Flower Arrangement To Attract Abundance

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Playful Pig Painting + Symbolism

I'm really loving choosing my subject and colors to paint from strips of paper in a cup.  Today's subject was Pig with the colors pink, purple and teal.  You'll also see some grey, white and black - I allow myself to use white and black along with the chosen colors, and if I want to… Continue reading Playful Pig Painting + Symbolism

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Sunflower Vibes

When I think of the Universe, I think of sunflowers. I think of yellow- yellow bursts of happiness expanding to the heights of this beautiful canvas in which we all have the wonderful gift of enjoying. When I think of the universe-- I think of equality and freedom. The fact that each individual has their… Continue reading Sunflower Vibes

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Empower Yourself with Turkey Symbolism

In North America, the turkey is usually associated with Thanksgiving, a time of gratefulness, abundance, togetherness and sharing. Gratefulness.  The turkey can be a reminder to be grateful for all we have.  When we are grateful for our life, life gets better.  We feel better and thus attract good things to us.  I've found the practice of writing in a gratitude journal helps...