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My Law of Attraction Story

I have an awesome story for you about my latest law of attraction experience. šŸ™‚ When I first heard about the law of attraction, I am a very open minded person, so I found the concept really interesting and wondered if it was real. I started with listening to different videos and reading books about this concept and got even more interested! I have had many, many encounters with the law of attraction and I can now say that I fully believe in it. Not only in the belief that what we ask for can come to us but also about the energies we put forth. When we put out love, we get it back. When we put out anger, we get it back. Everything you do is attracting more of that into your life!

So this really cool thing happened last week. I have been a little bit behind on bills recently and have started a new job where I get paid weekly in cash. I had only worked at this job for a week. On the day I was supposed to receive my paycheck, I thought to myself how nice it would be if I were to receive a bonus. I had never heard of them giving bonuses and I had no idea if that was even possible. I just thought how nice it would be to have a little extra money for gas and groceries. I imagined the feeling. What it would feel like to fill my gas tank and to go get a few groceries. How just that little extra money would make me feel a bit more secure. I said a little prayer and then I let it go and moved on with my day. Later that day, my manager paid in cash, as expected. Not not only did I get the full amount I was expecting but my manager also told me that he added a $40 dollar bonus. I was beyond excited! This was an instant manifestation! I had thought about this the day of and the night before and instantly received exactly what I had asked for. It was amazing!

Then, this week, I thought to myself it would be nice to receive another bonus. This time, I went as far to imagine a large grocery trip. I even went on Pinterest and began looking up recipes I wanted to cook and started to make a grocery list. I sent out a prayer and then I let it go and moved on with my day. I went to pick up my paycheck later that day and was surprised when my boss told me I was a rock star and gave me a $100 dollar bonus. I was able to get everything I wanted from my grocery list and put some more gas into my car! I am so thankful that I was able to receive this from the universe!

So how did I instantly receive this manifestation? How can you manifest what you want into your life? These are the steps I take to manifesting my desires.

1.Daydream. The first step is to day dream exactly what it is that you would like. I go as far as imagining the actual feeling of what it would be like to receive it. This can be anything. In regards to love, finances, relationships, you name it. What is it that would help you in life or that would make you really happy? Then just imagine how nice it would be if you were to receive it. The feeling you would have, the things you could do once you received it!

2.Believe. Next, you have to believe that this will manifest. If you do not believe in it, it simply can not happen. You gotta trust that the universe has your back. To back up your belief, a great step to take is to act as if you have already received it. A great example of this is how I made a grocery list and looked up recipes I wanted to make. I truly believed I would get the money and was preparing for my manifestation. The universe sees your belief and also feels the energy you are putting forth and then works to match it!

3.Let it go. This is a very important step and one I had to really work on. I used to ask the universe for things and then I would think about it all day and look for it everywhere. I was so attached to getting what I asked for that I realized it was actually causing resistance. I wouldn’t receive what I asked for because I was clinging to it and trying to control it. The universe couldn’t step in and create it’s magic because I was leaving no room for it to do so. So What I typically do is send a prayer, believe in it, follow up with an action and then I forget about it. Let it go. Give it to God.

Almost every time I follow these 3 steps, my desires come to fruition. The best way that they manifest to me is through miraculous and magical ways that I never expected.

This universe is a magical place and if you believe in it– you will be shocked by what comes your way.


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13 thoughts on “My Law of Attraction Story”

  1. I totally believe in this. August last year I got a notice that my rent was once again going up as of October. I started visualizing the house I wanted to buy. The end of August I had closed on a house which was what I had visualized. The end of September I was moved out of the apartment. What is most amazing is the housing market is tight with few in the price range which I qualified for a loan for.

    Last month I bought a used car. I looked at used cars online and decided on the model I wanted as well as the color. The car wasn’t shown on the web page but I asked my son to take me to the car lot. While walking around the car lot I spied my car. It had just arrived on the lot. It actually ended up having less miles and cost less. šŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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