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Food Forest Gardening

As I've been transitioning into the stay-home order here in Washington state, I've been doing all the normal things I'd do on my days off from work, but I've also been watching a ton of Youtube. Everything I watch on Youtube is something I want to learn - either some new skill or things about… Continue reading Food Forest Gardening

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Covid19 Stay-Home and Lifestyle Thoughts

A few years ago I had FOMO (fear of missing out) and didn't know it. I didn't have the money to go to restaurants, bars, vacations, movies. I didn't have a partner to share all these good times with like everyone else seemed to. I'd dread the weekends thinking everyone else was out having the… Continue reading Covid19 Stay-Home and Lifestyle Thoughts

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Follow-Up On Walmart Grocery Pick-Up

On my first post on Walmart Grocery Pick-Up, I left off with not being able to schedule a time due to increased demand so I was going to try back later. I tried back the next morning and was able to schedule the pick-up for 2 days later. The instructions said to get their app… Continue reading Follow-Up On Walmart Grocery Pick-Up

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Walmart Grocery Shopping Online & Pick-Up Experience

One of the things I planned to do in protecting myself from CoronaVirus is to shop online for my groceries and do the pick-up service. This is not something I was open to before because I like looking for deals and picking out my own fresh produce. But I'm trying to stay away from large… Continue reading Walmart Grocery Shopping Online & Pick-Up Experience

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I Got An Entire Outfit for $32 At Goodwill

My daughter and I went thrifting last night at Goodwill.  I came home with an entire outfit and a pack of gum for a total of $32 (that includes tax).  The outfit included a pair of Ugg-style boots, a pair of Hue jeggings, a Paper + Tee plaid shirt and a below-the-tush Liz Claiborne warm/thicker… Continue reading I Got An Entire Outfit for $32 At Goodwill

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Homemade Convenience Food: Bagel Pizzas

Pizza has always been one of my favorite foods and now I can bring it to work with me for lunch with no hassle. I simply toast bagel halves, spread on store-bought pizza sauce, add toppings and shredded cheese.  Toasting the bagels helps them to not get soggy from the pizza sauce. Once assembled, I… Continue reading Homemade Convenience Food: Bagel Pizzas

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Homemade Convenience Food Series #1: Sweet Tea

I save single serve bottles from when I purchase beverages from a store (like Gatorade, tea or soda). Then I make a large batch of sweet tea, let it cool, pour it into the saved and cleaned bottles and refrigerate.  Then I have the convenience of grabbing a bottle for work or when I get… Continue reading Homemade Convenience Food Series #1: Sweet Tea

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Easy Cold Brewed Coffee

I love iced coffees!  I've never liked the price of iced coffees.  A long time ago I started making my own special coffee drinks at home.  Learned how to make simple syrup and bought an espresso machine and have been using it for years. I recently learned of cold brew coffee and did a search… Continue reading Easy Cold Brewed Coffee

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Homemade Barbecue Sauce Recipe / What’s Your Favorite Sauce Recipe?

I'm a fan of Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce and one day wanted to make a barbecue chicken pizza and found I didn't have a drop of Sweet Baby Ray's.  I didn't feel like making a trip to the store and had remembered seeing or hearing (can't remember where) that barbecue sauce is just ketchup… Continue reading Homemade Barbecue Sauce Recipe / What’s Your Favorite Sauce Recipe?