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Coconut Oil Hair Conditioning For Shine & Volume

I was using a hair straightener to style my hair for a long time which ended in my hair being damaged.

I’ve since stopped using the straightener and once per week I put coconut oil on my hair and now it’s beginning to get healthy and grow again.

My hair seems to be thicker after I use the coconut oil and does not leave it greasy like one would think (I have fine hair). It’s also shinier. Coconut oil has vitamins and other properties that are good for your hair. You can Google the properties of coconut oil for more information on the properties of it.

The way that I apply it is to put about a tablespoon into my hands and rub it between my hands (if it is solid, which it is here because it’s cold) to liquefy it. Then I massage it into my scalp and work it down to the ends of my hair.  I’ll have to repeat this process a number of times until my hair has the oil all over it.  Then I let is sit for a couple hours before shampooing. You can also let it sit overnight, but you’d need a towel over your hair to not get it all over your pillowcase.

Do you use coconut oil as a home remedy?  Do you have hair care tips to share?  Would love to hear your thoughts!



23 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Hair Conditioning For Shine & Volume”

  1. Wow!! That is a good use of coconut oil. I have dandruff, so I use coconut oil, apply on my hair for some 30 odd mins, then shampoo my hair.
    And I also apply coconut oil on my skin to get rid of dryness, more so in the winters.

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  2. Monica, right, right and a thousand times, right!

    I’m a guy, meaning my hair care routine consists of A) a lather of shampoo, then rinse. That’s it. Shocking, huh?

    Still, coconut oil shampoo really does the trick. And that incredible aroma. Wowzer!

    For that matter, coconut shaving cream gets an enthusiastic thumbs-up too.

    Don’t even get me started on the culinary applications. Coconut milk is a major part of the Thai cooking I love.

    Is there anything coconuts can’t do?

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      1. I mail-order mine from a UK purveyor called “Taylors of Old Bond Street” (yes, could I possibly be any more tweedy/preppy?),but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen coconut shaving creams in pharmacies and even at the supermarket. Happy hunting!

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      2. Thank-you for the info. Hoping I can find it at the store – if not, it’s fine – it would be for my legs and I’ve actually started using hair conditioner to shave them and it works great with the added benefit of having less things in my shower 🙂

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    1. Non process coconut oil is the best for your kitchen, the smell amazing, and it’s gives the dish a different taste. As for the hair it help with the shine and I have heard with hair loss also, I don’t know if the lost is true. So here where is live they makes coconut oil traditional way so it’s 100% natural.

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    1. I wouldn’t be surprised that it helps with hair loss. I love the smell of it. It’s wonderful on your skin too. I use a tiny bit of it as a skin moisturizer and it works great. It has cured the flaky skin I usually get every winter.


      1. Yes, I have heard that it’s great as a facial moisturizer and removing make-up also a few others, and the best part it’s has a pleasant smell and it’s natural remedy.

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