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On Being Present

She didn't even hear me. Ugh, that was a little embarrassing. Shake it off. What do I do? There's no one else to talk to. Guess I'll look at Pinterest and be on my phone too. She starts laughing, showing me a funny video clip. I say something about it and... she doesn't hear me...… Continue reading On Being Present

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Walk Away From Toxic Situations To Help Humanity

Some of us grew up with examples of staying in toxic situations. Some of us were told we would be lonely if we didn't forgive and keep people in our life, even though they were toxic. Some of us thought toxicity was normal because that is how we were raised and what we experienced. The… Continue reading Walk Away From Toxic Situations To Help Humanity

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Be Spontaneous

We all have a busy life and we all only have a certain amount of time to keep our lives in order. Sometimes a fun spur of the moment invitation will come up when we planned to clean the house or get the laundry done and we will be tempted to say no because it… Continue reading Be Spontaneous