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Your Energy Is Precious; Spend It Wisely

Are you unhappy with how your life is turning out? If so, consider what you are spending your energy on.  Maybe there are some situations or people you need to let go of.  Our energy is precious and is what will bring us our dreams but we need to use it for our dreams and needs, not just give it away to people or situations that don’t deserve it or drain it. When we free up our energy by letting situations and people go that are not serving us, then we have energy to spend on taking actions towards our dreams, or enjoying what we currently love.

Some examples of wasting energy:

  • Hours of scrolling through Facebook or other social media only to be left feeling drained and like everyone else’s life is better than yours, which is not true.
  • Hours of overthinking a relationship that is not working or is toxic.
  • Hours of wishing you were in a relationship.
  • Hours of watching TV
  • Hours of wishing something in your life was different
  • Hours of worrying about debt

There are many examples of ways we spend time that drain our energy, rather than spending time on doing things that give us joy.

When we stop doing things that drain our energy or are fruitless, we free up our energy and new ideas and situations naturally come to us.

We can also consciously spend our time doing more fruitful things like:

  • Spending time on our hobbies
  • Having a side hustle to help pay off debt or save for a vacation
  • Planning a vacation
  • Learning ways to improve those areas of our life that we don’t like
  • Learning about new and old interests by reading blogs or watching videos on Youtube
  • Taking a class like cooking, pottery, playing the guitar, auto repair or whatever interests you.
  • Making plans on how we want to improve our lives
  • Re-decorating
  • Clearing clutter
  • Taking actions to move towards something we want
  • Read blogs and watch videos on everything you want to improve upon and new interests
  • Journaling about your dreams and how you want to improve

Imagine if we spent time doing those type of things rather than wasting time, how much better our lives would be.

~ Monica

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17 thoughts on “Your Energy Is Precious; Spend It Wisely”

  1. Totally agree with you! How we spend our energy matters a lot! And I love the list you have come up with, about ways to save energy. More than half of the things you have mentioned there are my favorite things to spend the day with!!
    Nicely written 💕


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