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Breaking Circumstantial Depression

What is circumstantial depression?  It's depression resulting from circumstances that have happened to you.  This post is about that kind of depression. We all have highs and lows in life. For a while our life can seem nice and easy - everything is going just right, then bam, something extremely difficult happens - we, or… Continue reading Breaking Circumstantial Depression

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Happiness Is…

Living in the now and experiencing/enjoying what's right in front of us. Not thinking about past regrets, hurts or heartbreak. Not thinking of future worries. Not expecting or relying on happiness to come from anything outside of us or our control - a person acting a way that we want, having a relationship, a few… Continue reading Happiness Is…

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Tough Times Always Pass

I've found the tough times always pass, no matter how horrible it may seem at the time.  Many times a certain situation changed due to changing my perspective on it.  Many times a certain situation changed by focusing on what was happening NOW, rather than the problem. Many times a certain situation changed because I… Continue reading Tough Times Always Pass

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Mr. Carrier- my favorite teacher

There are certain people in life who make an impact on us, without realizing in that time frame. No matter how short of a time, or how long, they were in our life. Years later, we are going about our day and an experience comes up where we find ourselves thinking,"Wow, this person told me… Continue reading Mr. Carrier- my favorite teacher

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How to Attract a Joyful Life

It's simple!  Keep your vibration high. What do I mean by vibration?  Your vibration is how you feel.  If you are in a funk, sad, angry, scared or anxious, your vibration is low.  If you are feeling appreciative, happy, hopeful or enjoying the moment, your vibration is high.  There are other ways to have low… Continue reading How to Attract a Joyful Life