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On Being Present

She didn't even hear me. Ugh, that was a little embarrassing. Shake it off. What do I do? There's no one else to talk to. Guess I'll look at Pinterest and be on my phone too. She starts laughing, showing me a funny video clip. I say something about it and... she doesn't hear me...… Continue reading On Being Present

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Experience Joy by Being in the Now

When I am completely focusing on my passions, I feel completely fulfilled.  Usually this state takes no effort.  For me it usually happens in the morning and lasts a few hours, then when there are things that need doing, like work, errands or chores, I am taken out of that wonderful flow.  If I do… Continue reading Experience Joy by Being in the Now

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How to Attract a Joyful Life

It's simple!  Keep your vibration high. What do I mean by vibration?  Your vibration is how you feel.  If you are in a funk, sad, angry, scared or anxious, your vibration is low.  If you are feeling appreciative, happy, hopeful or enjoying the moment, your vibration is high.  There are other ways to have low… Continue reading How to Attract a Joyful Life