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Worry, Doubt And Fear Is A Program That Leads To Anxiety, Depression and Illness

Living in fear, doubt and worry leads to anxiety, then to depression, then to physical sickness. Being in the present moment and focusing on gratitude, dreams and goals have helped me cure anxiety and depression, and I’ve read living this way has cured mental and physical sickness in others. To imagine living in a world… Continue reading Worry, Doubt And Fear Is A Program That Leads To Anxiety, Depression and Illness


The Gift of Reality Calibration

A very important message here about parenting. I’d like to add that it applies to not just our children but anyone we love and want to ‘rescue’. Thank-you Albert, for your well-written wisdom.

Dream The Written Word

The hardest part of parenting is to step back and allow your children to fail at something. It takes a fortitude that hurts. You want to just reach out and hug them and tell them what to do. All so they don’t feel pain. But, if your children are teenagers, or like my kids in general, telling them what to do is a sure fire way to get them to not do it.

Failing at something, or what I call a Reality Calibration, can be helpful. It can spur focus, determination, or simply more effort.

Reality Calibrations come all the time and aren’t failures per se. They’re reminders. You think you’ve done enough work on a school or work project only to find there’s far more work needed. Usually, at least for me personally, Reality Calibrations strike when I’ve made too many assumptions about something. I may have missed an…

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The Importance Of To-Do Lists

I was reminded of the importance of to-do lists this weekend. I work full time and when the weekend comes around I feel really scattered because there seems to be so much to do.  The scatteredness is not a pleasant feeling - I'll think of a few things I need to do, then start doing… Continue reading The Importance Of To-Do Lists

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I Got An Entire Outfit for $32 At Goodwill

My daughter and I went thrifting last night at Goodwill.  I came home with an entire outfit and a pack of gum for a total of $32 (that includes tax).  The outfit included a pair of Ugg-style boots, a pair of Hue jeggings, a Paper + Tee plaid shirt and a below-the-tush Liz Claiborne warm/thicker… Continue reading I Got An Entire Outfit for $32 At Goodwill

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Using Our Energy Wisely

I've been writing a lot about focus and that's because the past couple of years I've had major life lessons that showed me very directly that if I continued living the way that I was, I'd continue to spiral down in anxiety and depression. I've read about energy healing work in the past but I… Continue reading Using Our Energy Wisely

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Visualizing What We Want Rather Than What We Don’t Want

Most of us are living life on auto-pilot. Going to work, coming home, eating, watching some TV, chores, sleeping and repeating. Just getting by.  Surviving. Much of the time our thoughts are on our problems.  Our debt, health issues, relationship issues, etc. This can cause anxiety and depression. What if we spent our time thinking… Continue reading Visualizing What We Want Rather Than What We Don’t Want

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Unconditional Joy

For most of my life, having a good day or a bad day depended on what was happening in my life. When I weighed myself going up or down one pound was the deciding factor for how I felt that day. (I stopped weighing myself years ago). When I've had a partner and things were… Continue reading Unconditional Joy

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’68 Charger Painting

I am critical of this in many ways, but thought I'd post it for entertainment's sake.  Obviously I'm not a realist artist.  I've self-taught myself over the years and go through phases where I can't paint enough.  I first learned to tole paint from instruction books in my 20's.  That evolved over the years to… Continue reading ’68 Charger Painting

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Playful Pig Painting + Symbolism

I'm really loving choosing my subject and colors to paint from strips of paper in a cup.  Today's subject was Pig with the colors pink, purple and teal.  You'll also see some grey, white and black - I allow myself to use white and black along with the chosen colors, and if I want to… Continue reading Playful Pig Painting + Symbolism

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Dating: Listening To Your Gut

Your gut says 'trouble, don't date him' Your mind says 'but he seemed so nice and he's so good looking' You date him He wows you over with his words He is everything you always wanted He paid attention to everything you said And noticed qualities no one has ever noticed He's attentive and pursuing… Continue reading Dating: Listening To Your Gut

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Colorful Houses Painting w/Notes

I've been painting a lot lately and enjoying it.  It's helping me get through some difficult times.  When I paint, all I think about is painting.  Is there anything you do that gets you through difficult times? Here is today's painting.  I've been admiring the work of Georges Rouault so I imitated his style. Sometimes… Continue reading Colorful Houses Painting w/Notes