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On Being Present

She didn’t even hear me.

Ugh, that was a little embarrassing.

Shake it off.

What do I do?

There’s no one else to talk to.

Guess I’ll look at Pinterest and be on my phone too.

She starts laughing, showing me a funny video clip.

I say something about it and… she doesn’t hear me… on to the next distraction.

Why am I here sharing my time with someone that chooses to not connect?

Something to think about.

~ Monica

7 thoughts on “On Being Present”

    1. I feel like you and I connect very well. You always pay attention and I don’t ever recall you looking at your phone while we were talking. This isn’t about any one person – just something I’ve experienced many times with different people over the years since cell phones came out. It’s fictional, but not, if that makes sense.

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  1. Some decorate their rooms, their lives, with whatever is at hand – furniture, art or people. To them, all are equally innate. “Did that pillow just make a noise? Odd. Whatever…”

    Enough of this, and soon only the furniture will remain, as the other “:objects” departed long ago to bask in warm, genuine companionship.

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