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Freezing Meals The Simple Way

Lately I’ve been inspired by Youtubers that are taking a day to cook and prepare many frozen meals for later use.  This would have been really good for me to do back when I was raising my family.  Now that my family is raised and I’m single, at first I thought it would be of no use to me.  But then I started thinking it’d be a great way to have lunches on hand for work.

But I’m opting for an easier route.  The way they typically do it is spend hours preparing a few meals – it almost reminds me of Thanksgiving.  All the cooking and mess that goes with it would wear me out and I usually don’t have a large block of time to do that.

So what I’m going to do is whenever I make dinner, I’m going to make extra to freeze a few extra portions for lunches.  For dinner last night I made breakfast burritos (warmed flour tortillas with American cheese, sausage and scrambled eggs).  Rather than making one, I made four and froze three for lunches this week.

I also froze two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I know this sounds silly because it takes about 1 minute or less to make one, but some mornings I’m in such a rush that it’s actually stressful to pull it all out, make it, package it and everything else work mornings entail.  Now I can just go to the freezer and grab.  Very convenient.

I know that freezing leftovers is not a new idea.  But with me being single, many times I only cook/prepare enough for one meal and don’t have leftovers.  Now I’m consciously make extra to save stress and have a good meal at work.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve went to work with a package of Pop Tarts for food.  Not very healthy.  Luckily we have a cafe at work and I can get something good to eat there, but this is something I want to stop because I have financial goals I’m working on.

~ Monica

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