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Monday Notes: Low-Maintenance vs High-Maintenance Relationships

A few months ago, I was talking to my daughter about some relationship challenges I was having. I’d decided I no longer need to be in relationship with certain people. “I think it’s just COVID, Mama,” she said. “The pandemic taught me that I don’t have to be running around doing all these things for […]

Monday Notes: Low-Maintenance vs High-Maintenance Relationships

Don’t Lose Yourself in a Toxic Relationship

Honesty and Acceptance is What Will Heal the Hurt in a Broken Relationship

Your Energy Is Precious; Spend It Wisely

Is ‘taking a break’ in a relationship healthy?

Love Yourself First

Use Affirmations To Help You Move Forward After a Break-Up

Friday Night Soak in the Tub, Woohoo! Self Care for Stress

Hard Times Draw Us Closer To God

4 Steps to Overcoming Anxiety

How to Attract a Joyful Life

Your Well Being ALWAYS Comes First

Thoughts On Death, Healing and Being Of Service To Others

Letting things be

Covid19 Brought The Energy Vampires Out. I Deserve Better.

Lifestyle Incompatibility – Don’t Settle

How to Attract a Joyful Life

Letting People Be Responsible for Their Own Lives

Don’t Settle for Being an Option Ladies

Experience Joy by Being in the Now

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