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Remember That News Media Gets Paid For High Ratings

I avoid most news media because of the embellishments they tend to make to get high ratings and because it’s all mostly bad news.  They spread bad news because it puts people in fear, then they watch the news to see if they can let go of the fear yet, if anything has changed.  Just my opinion, but something to think about. I do not like focusing on all the bad that is going on in the world.  It brings me down and I feel like I’m here fighting to survive, rather than living and enjoying a good life.

But… I have a well-meaning family member that seems to thrive on bad news from TV news stations and feel the need to inform me of all the bad going on in the world. They think I am not informed, but I am in my own way.  When something bad happens we all hear about it.  Bad news travels fast.  When I get that kind of news and if I feel it necessary, I’ll go look up facts about the situation that I want to know.  I don’t go read entire articles or listen to news castings.  I go to Google and ask the question(s) I want to know the answer to and after I get the results I check to see if the facts I got are from a reliable source.

The Corona Virus was this week’s bad-news topic with my news-loving family member. The news was actually blaring in the background while he was explaining how the world was going to end.  At one point I heard the newscaster say that a 40-year-old man got it, he drank a few Gatorades and it was gone… no big deal.  But the family member did not hear that – he saw the other side of the TV screen where there were people in Hazmat suits and I don’t even know if it was related to the virus because he was still going on about how we’re all going to get it and die.  After the family member pushed everything he learned from his favorite news station on me and my daughter (in an effort to ‘protect’ us), we both ended the day feeling hopeless, drained and with glazed-over eyes.

What we did to relieve this was look up the facts about how many have gotten the virus, how many had recovered, what the percentage was of the people that got it compared to the population (in the area it started in). Those facts and a few others gave us the relief we needed to feel stable again.

It was a lesson to know that any story that anyone tells us is told through their lens in how they see the world, or what news station they are listening to and to not take that information in as fact. In our situation it was an elder ‘smart’ person that relayed the info so we took it in. It seriously sounded like the end of the world was here.

I’m not trying to downplay this virus at all.  I do realize it is and can be a serious issue.  But I do believe the media may be blowing it up to get high ratings and it’s something to keep in mind.  Better to go look up your own facts, confirm they are from reliable sources and make up your own mind on how to view and deal with the situation.

My daughter and I decided to stop eating out for a while, keep a distance from people, especially if they have symptoms, wash our hands frequently, keep our immune system healthy with less stress and herbal teas and or supplements, possibly get our groceries delivered, rather than shop and be out in public.  We are taking every precaution we can and letting go of the rest.  But our minds are more at ease after informing ourselves in the way that I explained above and the less stress we have, the less likely we will be to get it.

~ Monica

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15 thoughts on “Remember That News Media Gets Paid For High Ratings”

  1. I sometimes find it tiring when people become obsessed with the news … and yet it’s only a tiny slice of real life. We miss out on so much when we are completely focused on what a few news channels are saying to us.

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      1. I think people get sucked in thinking something bad is going to happen, then they keep tuning in to see if they are safe yet. Either that or they love to feel drama. Not sure. Years ago when I was a teen, my grandma refused to watch the news because she was an empath. I’m thankful for that because I followed her without letting my other family draw me in to the craziness. But they still try in an effort to ‘protect’ me. :-/

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  2. I agree! I hardly watch the news because of all the bad news and fear tactics they employ for the sake of ratings. And they absolutely love the headline of a virus…it’s irresistible to media outlets, even if they resort to being irresponsible in their reporting. Don’t buy into the fear! 💕

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    1. It seems more and more people feel like we do about it as time goes by so hopefully they’ll either change their ways or just become obsolete. It’s upsetting to see your family reacting to it with stress and fear when it’s the last thing they need.

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  3. Your approach is quite sensible—possibly even more cautious than you need to be, but you are doing what makes you comfortable and lowers your stress levels, so that’s clearly beneficial.

    The problem I see in the US is that there are so many unknowns—so little testing, so many questions being asked by experts who aren’t getting straight answers. We do know that the economic hardships affecting individuals and businesses are mounting. So there’s a strong need for greater transparency—and I think hearing directly from interviews with infectious disease specialists is worthwhile. Thus, I wouldn’t dismiss the valuable role of the media, though I concur that healthy skepticism is warranted.

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  4. As you suggest, Monica, perspective is crucial. If you make the universe of a progression of dreadfuls, unsurprisingly, life is dire.

    Viewed in proportion to everything else happening, though, problems seem much more approachable. We can deal with this.

    Of course, the 14-car pileup makes the news. What of the 117.365 trips in the same area that were completed without incident? Nobody tunes in to hear about those.

    Yet, make that pileup the sum of all existence, and pretty soon you’re afraid even to look at a car.

    Yes, the press has a role, and so do we. We also have eyes, ears and a brain. Use them.

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  5. A lovely post, Monica and you have said it so rightly. Media only wants to sell their paper and stories on TV and News channels so this is the way they will do and instill fright and worries in each and everyone. There is nothing wrong going to public places, one has to shop, one has to do so many things. It is okay. Come home and wash your hands if you like do not shake hands with your friends. Trust in God, He knows what he is Doing.

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    1. Thank-you for visiting and commenting! Yes, we do have to go to public places – for now, until more is known, I’ve decided to go as little as possible. I’m not a big fan of shopping anyway, so it will be easy and I’m even going to see about ordering some of my needs online (I do like online shopping).
      I have seen a couple co-workers and people in my family get really panicky and stressed – I do understand, but it’s not going to help their immune system. We’ve got to keep ourselves calm. Trusting in God is huge.


  6. You are absolutely spot on Madam..!!
    People tend to get panicked easily and spread panic themselves. Panic is more infectious than the virus and does more harm than the virus ever can.
    It’s good to take precautions like washing one’s hands, maintaining personal hygiene, staying away from crowded places and all. But it is NOT right to panic and start stocking toilet papers or hand sanitizers.
    Information and facts help maintain sanity and know the dos and don’ts.. Thank you Madam for sharing.

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    1. Yes, I agree with everything you say. I shopped for my parents that are elderly with underlying health conditions today and the store was out of toilet paper. Luckily they still have a little left, but all of those that cleaned out the store were not thinking of everyone else. Crazy times we are in. Thank-you for visiting and commenting!

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