Hard Times Draw Us Closer To God

There are times when it can feel like life has been turned upside down.  We all have them, but knowing that doesn’t make anything better.  It can feel like there’s no solution to your problem(s) and life as you know it will never be the same again, and not in a good way.

The only comfort I have ever found in these circumstances is God.  The Bible tells us that God plans to prosper us and not harm us.  When I am going through something that feels devastating that is what I repeat to myself and I remind myself of how He has gotten me through everything so far.  Sometimes that isn’t enough to calm me down – it’s not that easy.  Circumstances can look like life is going to crush you to bits and there’s no miracle that’s going to save you.  So that usually leads me to reading or listening to people’s testimonies, reading the Bible, prayer and developing my relationship with God.  I guess I’m a baby Christian.  I’ve always believed and prayed but never took it farther than that, because I did not know any better.

One good thing about having hard times is that they always get me closer to God and learning about Him.  I’ll go through the experience with God and in hindsight see how He helped me through.  Sometimes when I get through the hard times, I go back to living how I did before – not really including God in my everyday life or asking how I can be of service to Him.  I just get back to work with my goals and ambitions and push Him aside until I go to bed and pray, then pray for all my selfish desires to come true.  I rarely prayed for His will to be done.  But I did not know any better.

In the past two life-upside-down experiences something wonderful has happened – my relationship with God has strengthened and I’m understanding that He wants more than prayer requests for help.  He wants to be involved in every area of my life.  He wants to be invited in.  Yes, he does want us to ask for help, but he wants to make it clear that it is Him that is helping and guiding.  He wants us to be of service to Him and learn how to communicate with him.  He wants us to study His word and live by it the best we can.  He wants us to talk with him about everything going on in our lives.  If we are believers, we can’t just shove him to the side until evening prayer time, or Sunday church.

There’s nothing scary about involving God in your life.  I’m finding He’s very supportive, gentle and wants us to live our dreams.  As I said though, I’m a baby Christian and have much more to learn. Maybe He’s got something big He wants me to do for him later when I mature and learn how to incorporate Him into my life more. Maybe he’s just teaching me how to be close with him for now and that’s enough.

There’s a certain peace that comes over you when you are involved with God like this.  You feel like He’s got you.  For years I’ve been feeling like I’m dealing with life’s problems on my own with no support, even though I’m a believer.  But I felt like that because I limited Him to prayer time.  I’d say a prayer and look for it to be answered in the exact way I wanted it to be answered.  I always knew that God’s smarter than me so when a prayer wasn’t answered in my way, He was answering in His way.  If I got everything I wanted, I’d probably be more of a mess than I already am.  I’m actually not that much of a mess, I’m fairly well put together, but sometimes I don’t make the best decisions and will openly admit that I need God to help me.

The past year has given me many challenges but I’m now closer to God than ever, so I’m glad the challenges have happened.  I have felt the Holy Spirit a number of times when I’ve never felt it before.  I’ve learned much more of what God wants from me and have committed to learning about Him, and talking about Him to those that are open to hear it.  He has me going through a season in my life to draw me closer to Him and I’m excited about it and to see what He’s got in store for me.  My faith has never been stronger and nothing can beat that.

So if you are a believer and hard times strike, consider that maybe God is trying to get your attention and draw you closer to Him and bless you with peace and faith. Surrender to the process and watch what He does and/or guides You to do.  I’m in the middle of something right now and don’t know the outcome, but feel a peace that God is guiding my life to something better.  It’s all completely out of my control – I’ve done and am doing all that I can – whatever happens is in the hands of God and I’m at peace with that.  When this situation began, I was not at peace – I had one of those laying on the bathroom floor and sobbing nights, not having any clue as to what I should do so feeling out of control.  I pleaded to Him for help and after a while I felt a peace come over me.  It was more of a pick up your britches, get off the floor, give it to God and get some sleep peace.  But each day with prayer and communion with God, small solutions or actions come to me and I take them with a 100% knowing that God is leading this and I am going to be ok and even in a better place in the end.  He sees something that I don’t and is re-directing my path.  That kind of peace (and adventure) beats everything.

~ Monica

Please share your thoughts below; I would love to hear them and interact with you.  What have you learned in your relationship with God?  How do you communicate with Him? How do you hear Him? How has He helped you through hard times?  What blessings have come out of your hard times? Any thoughts welcome!

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10 thoughts on “Hard Times Draw Us Closer To God”

  1. one of the things I grew up with it sticks with me, my mom told me “God would never put what you could not handle on you” that helps me get by during rough moments. I have not gone to church in so long, and I hope to soon now that John is older, I may contain him. over the many years of me being Catholic things has changed traditionally and beliefs, but I also formed my own feelings and thought, I knew I grew up such a strong catholic came out of the closet I was the first person she told knowing that I was so religious while it was a HUGE shock, I was confused and I still loved her, God loves everyone, I know that, I could not hate for anyones choices of lifestyles or even what they are. she was never a religious person, still isn’t, she has not been exposed to church / God growing up, and she is one of the best people ever, she never NEVER judged me. she doesn’t judge, theres God’s work right there now that I think of it. I have so many things to be thankful for, and he has been there forever, while sometimes it is sad that he is easily forgotten or pushed aside, but also to be the best person you can be is what he wants too!

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    1. I totally agree Amber. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have the hope in God’s plan and that all things are working out according to that. There’s been only a few times in my life that I felt things wouldn’t ever get better, but at some point during those times through desperate prayer, I began to feel the comfort that everything would be ok and even better than before, and it happened. When those times happen it’s usually because God sees the bigger picture and is correcting our path and it requires faith to know that. Sometimes I get caught up in life and accidentally push Him aside. It’s usually a hard time that reminds me to get and stay closer to Him, and that’s good in itself.


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