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Use Affirmations To Help You Move Forward After a Break-Up

I found an affirmation app for my phone (you can too by searching in Google Play). The one I found is called ‘My Affirmations’. This app comes with affirmations and lets you write in your own. It also lets you delete or edit any of the pre-programmed ones so you can fine tune your affirmations. Each day one will come up on the notifications of your phone. I will keep the affirmation in the notifications so whenever I check the notifications, I can read the affirmation.

I love it because a long time ago I created some affirmations about the partner that I wanted. The way that I created them is by first making a list of all the reasons it didn’t work out with the previous boyfriend. From that list, I created a positive affirmation for each reason. For example, one of the reasons it didn’t work out with the previous boyfriend is that he ghosted me. I made an affirmation that stated: My partner shows up for me.

While I can’t say the perfect partner has arrived yet, I can say that these affirmations help me move forward and not be so heartbroken over the break-up. They remind me of what didn’t work with him and not to accept bad behavior in a partner again. They help me remember why it didn’t work out with him and prevent me from only remembering the good times, like I’ve done so much in the past. I think sometimes we are in a heartbroken state because we will forget about the bad times and want the good times back. We are broken up with them because there were things that didn’t work in a relationship. We can’t keep wishing for the good times back because those good times come with something that doesn’t work for us (even if they were the one to break it off – them breaking it off shows they weren’t right for us).

What would your affirmations be? Please share in the comments so we can all benefit and relate. How have you moved forward from a break-up? Did it take you long to get to a better place? Any and all comments regarding break-up are welcomed. Thank-you!!

Warmly, Monica

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