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Friday Night Soak in the Tub, Woohoo! Self Care for Stress

I didn’t have a bathtub for about 2 weeks, says the lady who is co-owner to BubbleBathSelfEmpowerment.  I’m a renter and the landlord has been re-doing the bathroom as they get time.

I came home from work last night not expecting to have a bathtub again, but craving a good soak in the tub after 2 weeks of washing up at the kitchen sink (no bathroom sink either).  But, to my surprise, the bathtub was in and plumbing was working!  Woohoo!

I located the bath-bomb my daughter bought me and the new loofah sponge I had and drew up a hot bath.  What a delight, and a reminder of how a bath is such a great way to take care of yourself.

It had been a week of a job interview, first 3 days on the job, financial worries and a relationship ending.  A week full of people when I’m not used to having people around all the time (not that it’s a bad thing – I’m adjusting back into work life from being self employed). A week of re-learning my old job, many questions about it, wondering if I’m good enough.  A week of having a bug that gave me soreness, chills and swollen glands. A week of big change.  I’m very thankful for these changes but so wanted to come home to a hot bath all week just to let everything go and de-stress. While this change is a good thing, it’s stressful right now.

When the day finally came that I had a new bathtub I was ecstatic! To just lay in a hot bath and let all my troubles go for the night. To soften my skin with the loofah.  To shave (lol).  To feel clean.  To have time to myself. To make plans for my future.  To thank God for all He has done for me.  To see my new bathroom taking shape.  Best Friday night I’ve had in a while.

~ Monica

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11 thoughts on “Friday Night Soak in the Tub, Woohoo! Self Care for Stress”

    1. Thank-you for the thought Amber! I was just glad to have a tub of water to soak in, and I had a bath bomb. I have bubble baths too, but wanted to try the bath bomb – it was the first time. Smelled good and it had sparkles!


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