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Rosemary Garlic Artisan Bread

There’s a reason why bread is considered a comfort food…it warms your body like your mother’s warm hug. The humble loaf of bread starts it’s life with such simple instructions yet, cared for in such a way. You create this “spiritual-like” experience from the aroma, wafting in the air. To the emotinal love you put […]

Rosemary Garlic Artisan Bread

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Monica’s art printed on useful and decorative items available at Fine art America. Any purchase helps support this blog. Thank you.

Sexy Red Lips Face Mask featuring the painting Sexy Red Lips by Monica Resinger
Sexy Red Lips Face Mask
Whimsical Face Mask featuring the painting Winter Whimsical Owl by Monica Resinger
Winter Owl Face Mask
Lighthouse Art Print featuring the painting Green And White Tropical Lighthouse by Monica Resinger
Tropical Lighthouse Art Print

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