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How to Attract a Joyful Life

It’s simple!  Keep your vibration high.

What do I mean by vibration?  Your vibration is how you feel.  If you are in a funk, sad, angry, scared or anxious, your vibration is low.  If you are feeling appreciative, happy, hopeful or enjoying the moment, your vibration is high.  There are other ways to have low and high vibrations but that is the general idea.

Here are some tips for keeping your vibration high so you can attract joyful situations and things.

  1. Give your problems a certain amount of time at a certain time each day, and that is the only time you can think about them.  For example, at 2pm every day, you are allowed 1/2 hour to think of solutions or obsess about your problems, then after that 1/2 hour, you get on with life and if the problems enter your thoughts after that time allotment, tell yourself to get back to it at 2pm the next day.  This will help clear you to do and think more joyful things.
  2. Whenever possible, stop hanging out with people that bring you down.  Sometimes we have to be around them because it’s work or family, but when we can avoid them, it helps for obvious reasons.  I had to cut contact down with a couple of people this year, and I didn’t like doing it because I care about them.  I realized their energy was bringing me down.  One would constantly talk down to me or manipulate me and the other was a love interest giving mixed messages. Every time I would see one of these people, the low energy would linger with me for a couple days and that was robbing me of productive, creative or joyful times, and because my vibration was low, I’d attract like circumstances.  When you can’t completely cut someone out, limit the amount of time you spend with them if possible.
  3. Make a gratitude journal.  I made a gratitude journal template on my computer that is separated into 19 different life categories such as Friendships, Love, Prosperity and even Food and TV.  I copy and paste this template into a new document each month and every night (when I am in good practice), I go into that month’s document and make short notes of things that have happened in the related categories.  Having the categories that relate to my life in front of me will jog up memories throughout the day, like if I had a really good meal, someone opened a door for me or I accomplished something.  The cool thing is that if it’s done regularly, you get to read through all of your previous notes from the prior days of the month.  You begin to see that you are very blessed and that’s when it seems like even more blessings happen.  You can print it and keep them to look back on, or simply save them to your computer and read later.  I’ve been doing this a number of years so can look back at a prior year and see what was going on at that time of life and how things have changed.  You can make your own template with this idea, or save time with my template that is available in my Etsy shop here:  Monica’s Monthly Gratitude Journal Template
  4. Live in the present moment.  When we are thinking about the past or the future, we are not experiencing the present moment.  When we fully experience and appreciate the present moment, we are living fully.  For example, right now I’m sitting in my office writing this.  No one lives with me so there’s really not much going on.  But I look around and see it’s sunny and mildly warm outside.  I tune in and hear birds chirping.  The house is nice and clean with no one to mess it up.  I just enjoyed a homemade coffee drink.  It’s peaceful and so nice to have time to write.  These are little luxuries I sometimes take for granted, but remember when I was raising my family and never had a clean house, peacefulness or extended periods of time to write.  I could have appreciated those days more too because now I’ll never have them again and there was a lot of joy then too, just in a different way.  Seeing your kids’ smiling faces, family meals together, the funny things the kids would do, etc.
  5. Spend time with people that support and care about you.  I work 2 hours a day with 2 people that have been extremely supportive of me and they always have positive things to say about everything.  I have a friend that is always doing something to help me in some way and we have very good visits.  Another friend that I hadn’t seen in a while visited last weekend and she’s full of pep, good talks and positivity.  I’m lucky to have fun and meaningful relationships with my kids.  These are the people that I choose to spend my time with because I’m always uplifted around them.
  6. Break up your routine.  There are times when I begin to feel lonely or isolated because most of my time is spent working at home.  My solution was to go to the neighborhood bar every Friday night.  I realize this might sound bad, but I have gotten to know some of the regulars there.  I’ll have a beer or two, talk with people, listen to music, maybe even flirt – and generally everyone’s happy or even goofy.  I always feel so much better the next day, like a reset button was pushed.  When my finances get better, I’ll be taking road trips, rather than going to the bar. Maybe you work a full time job and a good way to break up the routine is to Netlix and chill.  The point is to do something different and that you need.  For me it’s socialization.  For someone who works full time, it may be to de-socialize.
  7. Choose to be happy.  Make a conscious choice that you are happy because you choose to be.  I’ve found the affirmation ‘I am happy because I choose to be’ very helpful.  I’ll repeat it at times throughout the day and it really does help.  Something might come up that might be a downer, but I’ll say my affirmation and it usually works to get me to see the situation in a better light.  I remember a couple years ago I got a flat tire and I had to call a tow truck since I didn’t have a spare.  Not happy.  But I coached myself – I am happy because I choose to be – and decided to see the situation as a little adventure.  I got to meet and visit with the tow truck driver and the mechanics at the shop.  It broke up my normal routine.  I got to see how a car is put onto a tow truck.  The driver and the mechanics were all very nice to me.  I got to relax and read a magazine while waiting for my tire to get fixed.  I slept good that night because I was worn out.
  8. Perspective.  The above story about the flat tire is a good example of this.  We can choose to see a situation in any perspective we want.  In the flat tire example I could have been ticked off the entire time and not had the better experience I got out of it.  It would have all been a nightmare had I had a bad attitude.  Everyone would have reacted to my bad attitude to make the day worse.  We can choose to give any situation any perspective we want.  I know it’s not always so easy, but would you rather have a good day or a bad day?

There’s many ways to raise your vibration and I hope these help you to raise yours so your life is filled with many joyful moments.

~ Monica

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27 thoughts on “How to Attract a Joyful Life”

  1. Well said Monica ♡♡ i am so glad you wrote this. Why? You made so many valid points. In fact after leaving the hospital i did keep a gratitude journal then i fell out of it, i need to find jt then on the back side i wrote positive quotes. I even texted my 2 girlfriends this morning (seriously no joke) we should Express our gratitude to each other daily one said shes blessed for family and friends, i said im grateful to see my surroundings to see beautiful things. They both have anxiety issues as well, struggle with some negativity.
    Boss man said to me when im bouncing around in my chair “you are too happy!”i smiled no such thing i said then i said “if your happy and you know it clap your hands” i clapped he smiled shaked his head and walked away. I have cut out that toxic (facebook) i feel better. I tried to avoid those who would bring me down, but some people are still “too early in the morning!!!”you heard it 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Well said!

    Liked by 1 person

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