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Mixed Herbal Iced Tea for Health Benefits

I’ve recently adopted a practice of make a large batch of herbal iced tea that lasts about a week until gone (I live by myself).

I started doing this because all herbs have SO many health benefits, vitamins and minerals.

Each week I use different herbs so I’m getting some different health benefits, vitamins and mineral.

I used to take coffee to work in a thermos, but have replaced it with the herbal iced tea and I seem to be less sleepy and have less aches and pains, I believe because of the anti-inflammatory effect that a lot of herbs have. Some, like mint and rosemary can keep you more alert.

The way that I make my herbal iced tea is to fill the container with hot tap water and add sugar to taste (you could also make it without sweetener, or use honey, Stevia or some other healthy alternative), then stir to dissolve. Then I add the herbs and let the jug sit on the counter overnight.

When we begin to get more sun here, I’ll make it as a sun tea.

In the morning, there sits a big jug of beautiful herbal tea on the counter. That’s when I put it in the fridge and by the time I get home from work, it’s nice and cold.

If you decide to do this, be sure to research the herbs you use because some have health warnings for pregnancy, compromised health or allergies.

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3 thoughts on “Mixed Herbal Iced Tea for Health Benefits”

  1. The tips you give here are so simple, and eminently doable. In a different vein I’ve tried to replace less healthy snacks by having ones on hand that have more useful things in them. e.g. instead of purchased biscuits or a muesli bar, have a carrot or a banana. Instead of crackers and cheese, handfuls of cashew or other nuts. It’s a small step, but one that definitely seems to be making a difference to my overall ‘awakeness’ too. Definitely think I need to cut out the caffeine as well and put in a healthier substitute like this herbal tea! Thank you!!


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